Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

It’s as inevitable as a crime in Gotham – eventually, there will be another Batman film. The Caped Crusader netted just over $1 billion in profits from his last film and it would be practically felonious if Warner Brothers didn’t milk this cash cowl for another trilogy (or two), right?

With the recent announcement of the Batman/Superman team up film, potentially titled Batman vs. Superman, and a guaranteed appearance in the upcoming Justice League film, a wave of fresh faces would be ideal too. Although Catwoman and the Joker are Batman’s rogue gallery breadwinners, the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games proved that mainstream audiences could stand watching a nefarious scheme being hatched by another villain.

As well, the comics are also home to other heroes and civilians who would work well in a cinematic storyline and simultaneously immerse viewers deeper into the DC universe. Just to name a few, here are five characters who could be destroying or saving Gotham in the future.

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