The Batman Fan Poster Watches Gotham City Burn

The Batman

The standard marketing formula for any major Hollywood blockbuster usually sees the studio drip-feed a steady stream of official images before unveiling a poster, then a trailer teaser eventually leads to the first footage. However, The Batman‘s road to the big screen has been far from straightforward, and the promotion has followed suit.

Director Matt Reeves dropped the first look at the reboot’s official logo, and our first glimpse of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne was almost immediately followed by the jaw-dropping trailer at the recent DC FanDome virtual event. Even though shooting had been on hiatus for months after being halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic just weeks after cameras started rolling, the filmmaker surprised a lot of people by having enough footage in the can to show Pattinson’s Batman in all of his glory, as well as establishing the movie’s brooding and grounded atmosphere.

Once production resumed, though, it was quickly shut down yet again after the leading man tested positive for COVID-19, so it could be a while before the second trailer arrives. The Batman still hasn’t released an official poster, either, but we have seen some new artwork that offers a closer look at the Batsuit. Furthermore, digital artist Zero has now taken matters into their own hands to create an awesome fan poster that sees the Dark Knight watching the streets of Gotham burn, and you can check it out below.

This one-sheet certainly fits Reeves’ aesthetic, while also being reminiscent of the marketing for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. It’s a great piece of art that will whet fans’ appetites, no doubt, and with The Batman expected to get back to business over the next week or so, more information surrounding the hotly-anticipated blockbuster surely can’t be too far away.