The Batman Promo Poster Reveals New Look At Pattinson’s Batsuit

The Batman

Development on The Batman has been marked by ups and downs ever since it was first announced in October 2014 with Ben Affleck set to write, direct and star in the latest reboot for the Dark Knight. Joe Manganiello had been cast as villain Deathstroke, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Part 2 had been delayed to accommodate the shooting schedule, before everything ground to a halt when Affleck retired from the role.

Matt Reeves was hired to rework the project from the ground up, only to face backlash when he cast Robert Pattinson as the title character based entirely on the actor’s prior association with The Twilight Saga. Following that, a solid supporting ensemble was assembled and cameras started rolling earlier this year, but then the Coronavirus pandemic swiftly shut The Batman down for roughly six months.

Despite only filming for a couple of weeks, though, Reeves had gathered enough footage to debut a phenomenal teaser trailer at the DC FanDome virtual event, and a new promo poster has now been released that offers another fresh look at Pattinson in costume, which you can check out below.

Of course, the disruptions haven’t stopped for The Batman by any means, as things were shut down once again almost as soon as the cast and crew had returned to the set, with the leading man testing positive for COVID-19 and putting himself into isolation as per the safety protocols. Reeves has been trying to forge ahead without Pattinson and continue filming second unit footage and inserts that can be pulled off with a body double, but it shouldn’t be long until things are back up and running at full speed.

We’re still over a year away from The Batman hitting theaters, but based on the trailer alone, it looks like the next reboot for the Caped Crusader could turn out to be one of the best Dark Knight movies yet and we simply can’t wait to see more from it.