Batman fans debate who is the best Commissioner Gordon

the batman gordon

With The Batman out in theaters, social media has become full of DC fans debating who is the best version of Batman or Catwoman or Riddler. However, the new movie introduces a fresh iteration of another prolific Batverse character who is often unfairly overlooked. He might not be as scene-stealing as the Bat and his enemies, but Commissioner Jim Gordon is a key part of Batman’s world as the hero couldn’t do what he does without the help of Gotham City’s finest, and most honest, cop.

It’s no surprise, then, that every single cinematic incarnation of the Caped Crusader has worked alongside a Gordon, going back to the 1940s movie serials and the 1960s TV show. We’ve even had three different cinematic incarnations of Jim over the past decade. Gary Oldman made his last appearance in the role in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, with J.K. Simmons playing him in 2017’s Justice League and Jeffrey Wright debuting in The Batman.

But who’s the best Gordon ever? One viral tweet, from user @EinsteinAustine, got this discussion underway on Twitter, which led to a variety of responses. It seems every Gordon’s got some fans. Wright, for one, seems to have immediately won a lot of folks over.

But, for others, there’s no beating Oldman as the definitive screen Gordon.

Everyone seems to agree, though, that Simmons didn’t get enough screentime.

At least he’s coming back for Batgirl

Some people couldn’t choose between them.

Meanwhile, Gotham fans championed TV’s Ben McKenzie.

Others felt the need to give Pat Hingle — who featured in all four Burton/Schumacher movies — his due.

Hingle actually remains the most prolific of the movie Gordons, but it remains to be seen whether Simmons or Wright will be able to beat his four-film run. While the former is back for this year’s Batgirl, which may spawn a franchise, Wright will likely return for The Batman 2 and 3. Let the battle of the Gordons commence.