The Batman Universe Will Reportedly Introduce A New Cyborg

Image via DC Films

Any filmmaker attached to a DC Films project that wants to use Cyborg will find themselves in a tricky position, and that’s putting it lightly. After all, Ray Fisher has gathered widespread support from both his peers and the online community after refusing to back down when it comes to calling out Joss Whedon and the Warner Bros. top brass for their behavior and subsequent lack of accountability in regards to the Justice League reshoots.

The actor already lost out on a solo film when the DCEU was reshuffled several years back, and he was also set to return and play a significant supporting role in The Flash, with producer Barbara Muschietti confirming Fisher was involved, before he eventually exiled himself from the shared universe entirely by stating that he wouldn’t play Victor Stone again until Walter Hamada was out of the picture.

There’s been talk on more than one occasion that the studio would simply recast the role and move on, but you can guarantee there’d be massive backlash from all sides if WB were to hire somebody else as Cyborg when Fisher shows no signs of giving up his crusade anytime soon. However, a recent leak – which admittedly hails from Reddit but does come from a source with a decent track record for inside scoops – offers that Matt Reeves wants a new version of the character in The Batman universe.

It’s not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination, but how to handle Cyborg presents a unique and tricky scenario for any creative mind, as well as their paymasters. Ignore Fisher and there’s going to be uproar, but the fact remains that he’s not planning on coming back until drastic changes have been made, so something will have to give eventually.