10 Major DCEU Hints That Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Dropped


10) Bald Luthor


It wasn’t much of a surprise when Lex Luthor had his head shaved before being put in jail at the end of BvS – thereby completing the character’s classic bald-headed look.

The change of appearance though suggests that, when the character next turns up, he might be a lot closer to the usual image of Lex (a formidable criminal megalomaniac) than the version that we saw here (a twitchy rich kid).


This might not be the case, of course, as Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t really alter his performance in the scene where Batman interrogates him. However, we still think it’s a strong possibility – certainly after the hate the character is getting from some quarters.

Speaking of that scene, the fact that Batman does not ‘bat-brand’ Luthor hints that the superhero will also alter his ways to his usual ‘no killing’ rule in future films, rather than the ultra-violent approach he takes in Batman V Superman.

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