8 Superhero Fights We Want To See On The Big Screen Next


The superhero vs. superhero trend is properly in full swing right now. This month we’ve had Daredevil vs. Punisher in Daredevil season two and The Dark Knight vs. Supes in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, while next month sees Captain America duke it out with Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War.

For whatever reason, that fixture of geeky conversations (“who would win in a fight if…”) is being currently being mined by those who make superhero adaptations. So, assuming this trend continues, what other superpowered punch-ups do we next want to see?


There are a heck of a lot of them to pick from – for a bunch of people united by their dedication to stopping evil, superheroes sure do find it hard to get along. Here, though, you’ll find our eight picks for comic book character fights that we want to see on the big screen next.

There’s just one stipulation for this list: the entries have to be based on conflicts that have actually happened in the comics and not just fights that fans have dreamt up.