8 Superhero Fights We Want To See On The Big Screen Next


8) The Avengers/Defenders War


OK, this one stretches our rule about having to be based on the comics, as the Defenders team that fought the Avengers isn’t remotely similar to the one that will form in Netflix’s upcoming The Defenders series. Still, fans are eager to see Marvel’s movie and television superhero teams crossover so a full-on battle between the groups would be immensely satisfying.

While the two teams have fought on other occasions, the best brawl between them happened in “The Avengers/Defenders War” storyline from the 1970s. It saw the likes of Dr. Strange take on Black Panther and Black Mantis, Hulk vs. Thor and Iron Man coming to blows with Hawkeye (something we might actually see in Civil War).

In an adaptation, these could be swapped for, say, Daredevil vs. Captain America, Jessica Jones vs. Black Widow and Luke Cage vs. Iron Man. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

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