Ranking Batman’s Batsuits Across The Years


The internet went bat-crazy this week when director Zack Snyder shared a tantalizing image from the set of Justice League that showed Ben Affleck in a new batsuit. The more armoured number, with fetching goggles, has split fans down the middle, but most are still excited Batman will get a new look in the movie.

This was only to be expected, of course, as Batman’s bat-threads have constantly evolved over the course of his long cinematic career – more than any other hero, in fact. With the likes of Superman or Spider-Man, it’s basically the same every time. But with Batman, the stylistic approach to each suit changes film by film (and sometimes several times per film).

Discounting Justice League’s so-called Tactical Batsuit, because we haven’t seen it in action just yet, as well as animated efforts like The Lego Movie and Batman: The Killing Joke, here’s every batsuit Batman has ever worn in the movies ranked from worst to best.

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