‘Bee Movie’ star loves his status as an enduring meme template

Bee Movie
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The Bee Movie came and went in 2007, has been enduring as an online icon since, and while actors are not always aware of their social media reputations, star Patrick Warburton says he knows his character has circulated in memes and he finds the legacy to be a bit delightful.

“Yeah. [Laughs] So my kids will show that to me, because I’m not big on social media. But they will show me these things whenever they pop up. It’s fun that it had an impact, it’s fun that it landed. It’s fun that people laugh and appreciate this guy, Guy, that’s very insecure. A bee ruined his life, just ruined it.”

Warburton makes the comments about how his role is memed in an article published by Screen Rant today. Warburton was speaking to the outlet to discuss his partnership with Days Inn and also said it is never a bad time working with Jerry Seinfeld.

“It’s always a blast.”

A sequel to Bee Movie is not in the cards as of this story being filed, and Seinfeld himself has re-assessed parts of the movie since it came out to have been poor, like the unintentional sexual subtext. Seinfeld is working on a film for Netflix about the comedic origins of the Pop-Tart and recently appeared in the animated Seal Team film. His television projects have included Teen Titans Go!, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle, and The Tick, which he revived from 2016-19 as a producer.

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