A Beloved Robert Pattinson Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Robert Pattinson

Netflix is great place to discover underappreciated titles you’ve never heard of or finally watch those acclaimed films you’ve never got around to seeing before. Or, you know, you can also stream movies you’ve seen a hundred times as a teenager. It looks like that’s what a lot of subscribers are doing today, in fact, as probably Robert Pattinson‘s most iconic flick – at least until The Batman comes out – is currently killing it on the platform.

According to FlixPatrol, Twilight stands as the eleventh most popular title on Netflix across the globe this Tuesday, February 16th. Though the 2008 release and its four sequels aren’t currently available on the streamer in the US, they are in many other territories around the world and right now, folks are loving rewatching the iconic vampire romance featuring Pattinson as undead dreamboat Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as infatuated teen Bella Swan.

Following the actor’s earlier role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Twilight put the British star on the map, making him an international heartthrob. Of course, Pattinson isn’t a big fan of the franchise, based on the YA novels by Stephenie Meyer, and managed to reinvent himself as an actor after the saga concluded with 2012’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Still, these movies are too popular to be forgotten and he’s always going to be known as Edward to a whole generation.


We’ll have to see if his upcoming turn as the Dark Knight in The Batman makes enough of an impact on audiences to nudge out Twilight as his most identifying project. That said, fans have enjoyed pointing out some unlikely connections between the DC reboot and Twilight. We’re still waiting on evidence that Bruce Wayne will call Catwoman a spider monkey, though.

If you’re looking for other Robert Pattinson titles on Netflix, why not try something a million miles from Twilight? Like, say, 2020 original thriller The Devil All The Time.