6 Actors Who Would Make A Better Batman Than Ben Affleck


I should start this off by pointing out that when I heard the news that Heath Ledger was playing The Joker in The Dark Knight, I was openly condemning him. Up until that point, outside of Brokeback Mountain, I had never really seen him transform himself as an actor, and didn’t think of him in terms outside of Ten Things I Hate About You. For a moment, I thought they were going to try to go  the”cool, good-looking Joker” route, which in hindsight is very stupid of me, but I am telling you this for a reason. When I finally saw what the Joker looked like in that film, I was in awe, and that awe only tripled when I heard his drugged-out drawl and saw the odd, lip-licking mannerisms that Heath injected into that character.

My point is, I am doing that exact thing again, and though I am catching myself this time, I cannot seem to stop myself, either. I know that I need to reserve ALL JUDGEMENT until the film has come out, but yet, as someone who writes about movies for a living, it is also my job to speculate, and complain, and inject my two cents, regardless of who likes it and who agrees or not. And honestly, I will be the first one to come back here and write a follow up saying I was wrong if I end up being wrong, which could very well happen, so hold me to that.

That massive disclaimer out of the way, I, like most of the world, was rather unhappy at the sudden news that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman in the forthcoming Batman V Superman. Though I was never a huge fan of Bale’s Batman (eat a Sucrets, dude), he got the job done, and it is safe to say Affleck will, too. But getting the job done just isn’t enough for me. Batman is one of the coolest men ever in fiction, and I want a Batman that is going to truly resonate with me. So I thought: what if I had been given the chance to cast this Batman film? What direction would I have gone?

It’s safe to say that some of these choices may piss some people off, but let’s be honest, isn’t that half the reason I’m here? As odd as some of these may be, I do think the majority of them are spot on, and I give my reasons for picking them in every example.

So, without further ado, here are 6 actors who would make a better Batman than Big Ben.

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  1. vilesoulsays:

    This list is fucking terrible.

    1. stephanie767says:

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    2. Sagasays:

      I agree with you. Not saying Christain Bale is better than all of these actors including Affleck, but he sure did set the bar so high for anyone to play that role. If it was up to me to cast someone, it would be a very tough call, but I’d trust Michael Fassbender will do!

    3. Boris McGuffinsays:

      Yes it is.

      And Batman is white, not black. People need to get over that. What is it with this ethno-masocistic urge to replace white men with black men. In real life, black men can’t replace white men. It’s just a Hollywood fantasy. The only reason they should cast a black guy as Batman would be if they wanted to lose money at the box office.

      1. walking talking common sensesays:

        I’m a black man and I say Batman can’t be black simply because it would be too easy for the bad guys to narrow down his ID as far as the story line goes….although that same thought crossed my mind with Bale’s voice. Elba would make a cool Black Panther though. The brother is elegate and menancing at the same time..perfect for prince T’Çhalla.
        As for the “In real life, black men can’t replace white men” comment…you need to stick your 1920’s stuck on stupid ass great white dope mentality and jump back into the closet with your sheet. News Flash! Jim Crow got beat up back in the last part of the 20th Century. People are becoming more and more civilized. People like you are on their last gasp.

    4. Jakesays:

      Agreed but I do believe Jon Hamm and Sam Rockwell would be fine, I mean I’ve seen more Sam than Jon and I can honestly say Sam is a chameleon in film and I think he could pull off any character he set his mind to. I also cannot believe this author has the nerve to condemn someone for not wanting an African American man to play a Caucasian man and I really shouldn’t even have to explain why…why would I ever fuck up such iconic source material and even if it wasn’t iconic Batman I’d still think, why even change his race? There is no reason to change his race and there is one reason to keep it because the simple fact that he is just Caucasian so why change that. People are so weird sometimes but I agree with some guy below me saying Michael Fassbender cause that guy is one hell of an actor.

    5. SomePerspectivesays:

      It’s funny how bent out of shape people are getting, merely by the suggestion of changing the race of a fictional character. May I remind you that in not so recent times, the protagonist in the “Prince of Persia” movie an iconic video game, was played by a white actor when Persians were clearly of Arabic descent. Another example being that Othello, an iconic Shakespearean character was commonly played by a white actors in early Hollywood movies. A bit of hypocrisy here, but it’s to be expected. That being said, switching up Bruce Wayne’s ethnic origin wouldn’t work in this case irregardless of Elba’s talents. Too many people would evidently not find it believable, despite Hollywood’s endless track record of inaccuracies and implausibilities (sigh). Good luck to Affleck. Queue the thumbs down.

      1. Colt1317says:

        Persians are not Arabic, and ethnically are Caucasian. Clearly today the line between Arabic and Persian more blurred due to the Arab conquering of Persia (Iran), but they are separate of each other, and a Persian would get very angry if you called him Arabic and vice versa. They can’t even agree on what to call the Persian Arabic Gulf.

  2. Bradsays:

    Wow a blogger on crack makes a Batman list and it’s horrible … what a shock

  3. Man of Steel Suckssays:

    aside from Clive Owen…what a crappy list

    1. Michael J Cartersays:

      Clive Owen realy can’t act for crap….he pretty much plays the same way in all his roles.

      1. OniRaptorsays:

        N, youre right. that must be why he keeps getting work as an actor.
        Anybody can act.

      2. Michael J Cartersays:

        There’s a lot of actors that keep getting parts and can’t act. He’s just one of those actors that I never get attached to cause he seems so emotionless in his parts. That is good for some roles, but not all.

  4. Javier Antonio Crespo Umanchuksays:

    Josh Brolin is a very good choice for a mature Bruce Wayne

  5. Ben Affleck Blowssays:

    I’m gonna go ahead and say that Elba cannot play BRUCE WAYNE because he is black. If you wanted to make him Batman you would have to make him a new character or make it perfectly clear in the movie that this is an alternate Earth where things will be very different. It really has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with sticking to the source material. It’d be a fuck you to the fans to change Bruce Wayne so drastically.

    To put this in perspective, Shamalamadingdong, director of The Last Airbender, made a minor change such as the pronunciation of character’s names in that movie and everyone freaked out (rightfully so). There were other things people freaked out about, but the fact that they couldn’t even say the name of a character based on the source material was met with harsh reactions.

    Now, you know who would make a great Bruce Wayne/Batman? Michael C. Hall.

    1. Tash n Tysays:

      The Mandarin character (who has always been Asian in Iron Man) was played by a white man in the movie. Is that sticking to the source material?

      1. Roysays:

        Iron Man 3 was shit

      2. Nashsays:

        Ben Kingsley is not white, he is 50% Asian.

      3. Michael J Cartersays:

        His dad is Indian, that isn’t Asian.

      4. Kenneth Serenyisays:

        India is indeed in Asia. If your mean instead ‘oriental’, then you are correct.

      5. Michael J Carter is a Douchesays:

        that is Asian.. Arabs are Asians too. If on the map, a country is in that continent “Asia” they are Asian.. only dumb asses and racist fucks refer to Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc as Asians

      6. stuffstickssays:

        The dude played Gandhi… i feel he’s qualified to play asain

      7. Michael J Cartersays:

        That because he’s half Indian…not Asian.

      8. stuffstickssays:

        in the UK all people from Asia are Asian, Chinese are also asian but they can be referred to as Oriental if you need to be slightly more specific

      9. Joesays:

        actually no, not all chinese people are “oriental” as the orient is a specific geological location in china. also, the Mandarin is specifically chinese therefore is about as comparable as someone like the kid from slum dog millionaire playing the black panther.

      10. Joesays:

        for example, i was born in hong kong. that makes me chinese. that does NOT make me oriental.

      11. stuffstickssays:

        Fair enough, my apologies for the generalization…

      12. pippssays:

        The Mandarin was a racist fucking character to begin with.

      13. ka1991says:

        erm nick fury …

      14. Laughedsays:

        Learn your comic book history.

      15. griffinsays:

        in an alternate comics universe that the movies seem to be following nick fury’s look was based on samuel l jackson who later agreed to play the character on screen, I personally would’ve liked to have seen the WWII fury but whatever

      16. Jakesays:

        That’s the point, they should not have had Ben Kingsley play Mandarin in the first place, just because that movie did it doesn’t mean anything because they did it wrong lol. I never understand why anyone would want to change the source material like that anyways, he’s white so just keep him white cause there is no reason to change his race. Its just illogical to change his race cause its just unnecessary because there are plenty of actors out there that can play Batman and stay close to the source material, if the change doesn’t benefit the film then why change it?

        The Mandarin should have been an Asian actor just as Batman should be white. Asian=Asian actor, Black=Black actor, White=White actor, etc…

      17. bart007says:

        This was changed in order to not offend the Chinese since anything that disparages Chinese people is not allowed to be seen in China; which is now becoming the largest overseas market for movies.

    2. GiveBatfleckAChancesays:

      A much bigger issue with Elba being cast is that Bruce Wayne’s parents were extremely wealthy and prominent figures in the 1960s. There were NO rich or loved black people in 60s USA.
      It just doesn’t make factual sense. Elba is one of my favourite actors but I agree he wouldn’t work at all.
      As Cyborg on the other hand…

      1. darthnatussays:

        I don’t completely agree but here’s the thing. Nobody in the 60’s would have ever felt bad (aside from other rich black people, of which there were few) if a young, rich, black child was orphaned in a huge city. On top of that Batman is a symbol who is not supposed to be scary in any way to the innocent but if he was black that wouldn’t be all that true. A young black vigilante with a ton of money, no loved ones (and he’s crazy because his former loved ones died and shit), a ton of crazy gadgets, and nothing to lose is scary. Especially because NOT EVERYONE KNOWS HE’S A GOOD GUY. That’s part of being batman! And as we ‘know’ from things like South Park and (unintentially by them) the general news media, people are biased toward ethnics in mostly bad ways.

        On top of that, Elba was already in a superhero movie, he doesn’t get different roles. That’s against the rules.

      2. Beastlysays:

        If its so against the rules what about affect himself or Chris Evans from fantastic four or was it captain America?

      3. Tyson CuRecka Curtissays:

        I wish it was against the rules and sometimes not, but Chris Evans: Johnny Storm, Captain America** Ryan Reynolds:Green Lantern, Deadpool**Jeffery Dean Morgan-:The Comedian, Lt. Col.Franklin Clay**Dean Cain: Superman, Vandal Savage,(aka Curtis Knox) Wesley Snipes:Blade, and was going to play Black Panther at one point** and of course now Ben Affleck: DareDevil,Batman. SOmetimes its good and others….its just bad lol

      4. OniRaptorsays:

        the rules?
        he is, as are countless others playing the role of a COMIC BOOK CHARACTER.

        if he was to be cast as Harry Truman, okay, that would be problematic.

        But its a FICTIONAL, NOT REAL PERSON, who has not aged since the 1940s.

        Get a grip.

      5. Tyson CuRecka Curtissays:

        THat is F’n perfect…never even thought about that as Cyborg…or hell to think of it GL- John Stewart…PERFECT!…either one

      6. stuffstickssays:

        I think Idris would make a great Black panther too.. plenty of worthy black super-heroes that he could play

      7. Tyson CuRecka Curtissays:

        You know what…YES Black Panther would work too. He’d own any 3 of those.

      8. Brandon Harrelsonsays:

        I always pictured a younger actor playing Cyborg and I think Dijimon Hounsou is the absolute perfect choice for Black Panther. But I wouldn’t want to see anybody other than Elba play John Stewart, it would be perfect casting.

      9. OniRaptorsays:

        How about Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, Ray Charles, Thurgood Marshall, James Earl Jones, Sammi Davis, Jr.
        You seem to have a problem that you may want to adress.

      10. Boris McGuffinsays:

        You seem to be too sensitive, a problem you may want to address.

      11. OniRaptorsays:

        and here I thought you were just an ordinary racist.

      12. billabongin00says:

        Wow… really???

        “there were NO rich or loved black people in 60s USA”

        Try again dipshit…

      13. Obie Thompsonsays:

        dude- Sidney poiter and bill cosby- jim brown, james earl jones, woody strode,cicely tyson, were all wealthy african americans in the 1960’s-

        and idris elba- would make a better john stewart- green lantern. And I agree with the author of this article- idris would make one hell of a bruce wayne/batman- and james bond, and captain of the enterprise and jedi master in star wars,

    3. OniRaptorsays:

      You seriously are going to use race to reject a casting choice after the thousands of whites who played American Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arab, Persian, Jewish, and black people?
      IT IS A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER, not an historical figure.

      get a grip.

      1. Boris McGuffinsays:

        Batman is white. Not black. Get over it. And Batman is supposed to be highly intelligent, so that leaves out blacks right there.

      2. weapsays:

        You are pitifully disgusting.

      3. Obie Thompsonsays:

        I like that- thats an intelligent response. you are trully ready to be a leader in the 21 st century. outstanding response

    4. Sagasays:

      I agree with you.. but I would have said Michael Fassbender

    5. Ashlee Nikole Keaysays:

      i agree i love batman all time favorite and i would be rather pissed if someone changed him that he is bruce wayne he is white i expect every comicbook character to at least get the race right dont fuck the characters up and dont even bring up avatar that movie was so inncorrect some people may not care about getting shit correct but there are some people who do and i agree with michael c hall or josh brolin for an older batman oh and not to mention idra would be much better for the role of john stewart it was nothing to do with racism people need to get over that its about getting things as correct as possible

  6. Pablo Sanchezsays:

    I gonna sound like the most person in the world ( which I dont) , but a black person? really??…… -.-

    1. blackmansays:

      Like most people in the world , coming from someone spanish who has african decent really ?

      1. Pablo Sanchezsays:

        so , every hero has to be black now¿? , come on dude , if the hero is white let it be white , if is black let it be black ……….stick to the source for gods sake !!

        -who is spanish? -.-

  7. what thesays:

    what is this I can’t even

    1. Nashsays:

      Can’t even write a full sentence?

  8. Pani Bsays:

    LOL you been smoking crack? Though on another note. Rockwell would make an excellent Joker or Riddler

    1. Roysays:

      He’d be an AWESOME Riddler!

      1. Beastlysays:


    2. OniRaptorsays:

      What about Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman. Ive never even seen her mentioned but to me she has the age, height, build, and accent (wonder woman definitely needs a British accent). She’s been in several action movies and seems well suited to them. Ive never seen her mentioned on any list. I guess I dont understand why though.

      I defer to your expert opinion.

  9. Dalinkwentsays:

    I could see Clive Owen as Batman, only problem is he’s a bit wobbly when it comes to hiding his accent.

  10. Rosssays:

    Anthony Bourdain is more of a Tony Stark-type character. He’s so sarcastic and snobby.

  11. Julionavassays:

    The writting of this article was too agressive, and the list horrible.

  12. Chris Batstonesays:

    Clive owen doesnt have the voice for Batman, not at all.

  13. Comic Geeksays:

    I don’t think the list is so bad.

    I dislike Affleck not because of Gigli or Daredevil. He’s too good looking to be an older, experienced, war weary Batman.
    I don’t like Anthony Bourdain’s show because he come off as a smart ass who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else around him. But if he can act, it’s easy to imagine him as a grizzled, older Batman.

  14. Guest1425says:

    Bruce Wayne is white like t’challa is black, has nothing to do with race

    1. stuffstickssays:

      Get Idris to play T’challa.. problem solved. He’d make a good warrior king

      1. I’d love him to play T’challa

  15. yomamabinfartin'says:

    John Hamm would have been perfect! The man looks like a Alex Ross drawing of Bruce Wayne come to life. With that said the powers that be at Warner’s would’ve never have cast a TV star for their biggest cash cow.

  16. djw1971says:

    Seems to me this list was simply plucked from the oh so many “top 10 actors to play batman” that have been circulating forever. Those lists sucked then and this one does now because quite frankly it doesn’t matter anymore.

    Affleck will either sink or swim only time will tell. And if he does sink, so does any chance DC had to catch up with Marvel.

  17. Jasonsays:

    Idris should not be Batman because he is black. Shocking right!!! 70 plus years of comics backs me up on this. A lot of comic fans will find this extremely disrespectful to change a beloved character in such a drastic way. You can make any number of arguments of why his race doesn’t matter or why anyone who disagrees is a racist, but deep in your heart you know you only put him on this list because you wanted to piss people off, not because you think he is the right man for the job.

    1. stuffstickssays:

      they did race swap Nick Fury around, but ye really so Idris would have an old english man as his butler? And we’ll need to believe that his parents were rich affluent people in the 40’s?

  18. Adexsays:

    My god this list is worse than Ben Affleck itself. I thought there will be Karl Urban or Michael Fassbender in it.

  19. dominicksays:

    how about bruce campbell as an even older batman? karl urban? justin timberlake? kevin smith as the out of shape batman…wait round is a shape. jeffrey dean morgan? sean bean? see how easy it is to make a crappy list?

    1. stuffstickssays:

      lol your choice are miles better than this crap shoot.. Campbell would be a good old bat i reckon. Dropping a guy off a roof while saying “groovy”.. No boomstick tho….

  20. nerdalmightysays:

    I was with you till the last 2 and maybe Hamm. I think Rockwell would have a Keaton quality about him if he was chosen. Karl Urban will always and forever be my number 1 pick for Batman. And as far as Elba goes, wonderful actor but I think Will Smith said it best when they asked him to play Superman, “I’m black.”

    1. stuffstickssays:

      Urban would make an amazing Batman.. See Dredd for proof but whether or not he could pull off Bruce Wayne is another story.

      But then if the script is Supes and Bats then how much Bruce are they gonna throw at us?

      1. Michael J Cartersays:

        Think the reason he did so good in Dredd is they keep true to the fact he has never took off his helmet in the comics. He has a good lower jaw and facial features for a masked part. I really can’t see him as Bruce Wayne though. I was really suprise how much I liked Keaton as Bruce Wayne, though for some reason I just didn’t like him in the suit though. It was the opisite for Val Kilmmer. Liked him suited up, but couldn’t stand him as Bruce Wayne.

  21. GabrielBelmontsays:

    This is one of the worst lists I have ever seen in my life. Sam Rockwell? COLLIN FARREL?! IDRIS FUCKING ELBA? No, he’s not the perfect Batman. Why? Because he’s black, that’s why. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against black people, and sure, Bruce could be a black guy, nothing’s to say he can’t, except of course for, I don’t know…70 fucking years of comic books portraying Bruce as white? Seriously author, go fuck yourself.

    1. OniRaptorsays:

      that you are a racist is not in question.

      That you are irrationally attached to fictitious people is sad.

      1. Boris McGuffinsays:


        There is no cheap grace on offer here. If you really think blacks are a reasonable people, go live in an all-black neighborhood. Try South Central, for starters. Let me know how it goes.

      2. Guestsays:

        do you seriously believe that you can justify being such a person by location.
        I am white, have lived all over the country in some very crime prone areas on both coasts and the only people I have ever been victimized by were white people.
        Latinos, Blacks, Asian (I seriously dislike lumping but there are space restrictions) have never shown me anything one way or another. they have all treated me like I have treated them. White people are by far the most self-centered egotistical and rude group if you you’re making groups. Everytime I have been robbed, mugged, had my car stolen or been threaten with violence it was by whites. So if you want to generalize race white people are at the bottom in my opinion. Plus, as a group they have unquestioningly run this country into the ground and created all of the animosity to the US from other countries and its own citizens while giving the least.. That whites will soon be a minority seems simply karmic.

      3. Boris McGuffinsays:


        You, like all lefties, are obviously a self-loather. And you have been carefully taught to channel that hatred of self into hatred of the white race.

        Your supposed experiences with crime are of course, a lie. Yes, I know that you’re lying. The picture you paint is wholly at odds with ACTUAL CRIME STATISTICS (FBI and Justice Department).

        It is, ACTUAL FACT, that Blacks are overwhelmingly accountable for a majority of crimes in our nation, and in our world.

        Moreover, the technology you are using to badmouth white people was invented by white people, just like darn near every modern convenience in this world.

        The stuff that makes your life better and easier was not envisioned, imagined, invented, created, discovered and developed by people with names like Jamal and Shaniqua.

  22. stuffstickssays:

    Affleck is a better choice than any of these people you obviously have a hardon for

  23. Remy Carreirosays:

    You guys are pretty easy to bait. I am here to play the bad guy, and I love it. That is my purpose. To break your proverbial backs over my knee while I speak in muffled gibberish.
    It is working far better than I thought…..

  24. batarangmansays:

    Thing is with fanboys, they want accuracy to the comics. The amount of awful article’s I’ve read concerning the “Mandarin twist” shows they’re not racist, just rabid fanboys.

    I agree with Clive Owen, he could definitely nail the character. Can he do a convincing American accent?

    Mad Men is a programme I’ve not seen, so I can’t comment. He does look like Bruce Wayne though.

    Colin Farrell, is a great action hero, but I personally can’t see him as Batman.

    I love Sam Rockwell, but I would rather see him in a villainous role. I think he’d make a great Joker or Riddler. Imagine Billy from Seven Psychopaths crossed with Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2.

    I think Idris Elba could portray a very good Batman, but I’d rather black comic book characters be adapted to the screen rather than changing the race of a character. I’m waiting for John Stewart as the Justice League’s Green Lantern.

  25. Jair Grimaldosays:

    What you said at the start about your skepticism towards Heath can be appreciated. I hated the idea and when I finally caved in and watched the movie (hate Bale and his inane Batman drawl-voice though he did an ok Wayne) Heath was excellent. I think though, that that´s what Hollywood is trying to do, cash in on our skepticism. Everyone is going to watch the movie just to prove to themselves that Affleck is gonna suck. And even if we´re right, Hollywood will have just made a shitload of cash. Hope the movie bombs just for the hell of it. Then again, maybe Affleck wont be constipated when he´s in the suit.

  26. Harlansays:

    Whoever made this list is on pure dope… Bad, awful, terrible choices.

  27. D Baronsays:

    Yeah this is Stupid. Way to go!

  28. Kevsays:

    For Will Smith’s info…Superman should be a black man since he is based on the Egyptian god Ra. Egyptians=Black People. Yeah..now bring it!

    1. ka1991says:

      egyptians are mostly arabs

      1. Lee M. Pefferssays:

        Egypt is IN africa…

      2. I Don't knowsays:

        Because all africans are black right?

      3. Michael J Cartersays:

        Majority of most Egyptians aren’t black or dark skinned. Yah tan, but than what you expect from a country that is mostly desert type of environment. But since it’s actualy called Arab Republic of Egypt I would prob guess it has a pretty heavy Arab background to it. Though when I was there last year for work I was almost darker skin than some of the folks there and I’m white, but have a workers tan from being out side all the time.

        And where do you get that he was based on Ra? Only thing I ever heard that he was inspired by heroes like Hercules and Samson.

    2. OniRaptorsays:

      Um no, Superman is not based on Ra.
      He is based on Jesus, in all his white Americaness.

      1. Michael J Cartersays:

        And your totaly wrong, both the creators are Jewish, so why would they base him off Jesus? Though some have thought there is a lot of hebrew relationship to things like his Krytonian name.

      2. The Batfansays:

        Christ, you people just don’t know ANYTHING, do you?
        If there are any similarities to a Biblical character referenced (and most people know this), it’s to MOSES, you f-tards!

  29. thewarriorpoetkingsays:

    3 Words: Daniel. Day. Lewis.

  30. Kirk Maillouxsays:

    Sam Rockwell? I would rather see him as the Mad Hatter or the Riddler.

  31. Carl McMinnsays:

    Elba can’t be Batman because then who would we get to play Bishop?! And NO he CAN’T be both! I think John Hamm would have been an AMAZING decision to play Batman. To be honest, I’m willing to give Affleck a fair shot, but I wish it would have been someone different.

  32. Kevinsays:

    A black Bruce Wayne COMPLETELY changes if he’s black. Bruce Wayne is the richest person in Gotham from money he was born into. Typical rich white person story, right? Turn Bruce Wayne black, all of a sudden you have Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire turning vigilante?

    On top of that it leads to an interesting dynamic: Rich white guy turn vigilante is a hero. Rich black guy turn vigilante is a black guy reverting back to a life of crime.

    Over all I like the idea of Batman being black, (provided you do something interesting with the change like they did with The Mandarin and not have him black for the sake of being black) there’s so many interesting things you could do with the character, but PLEASE… PLEASE let’s not pretend that a black Batman is the same as a white Batman. That’s just being naive.

  33. Nicksays:

    but none of are office draws…

  34. Uh, you did notice that Sam Rockwell played a PARODY of Batman, right?

  35. Remy Carreirosays:

    I drop the chum into the water, and the sharks all come up to the boat. It is like clockwork.

  36. TFCBsays:

    As it pertains to Bale and his “PR stunt”, I think he did do that out of the kindness of his heart. Perhaps he even felt he needed to atone for his previous bad publicity. My point ultimately being that something like that is hard to hide, wether he did it for publicity or not. People all have cameras now and they’re gonna share then online; where, eventually, it’s going to get to the public that this celebrity everyone knows did something to bring a smile to those who were in a dark time of there life. Why would you try and put any sort of negative spin on a story like that?

  37. Professor Monkeybuttsays:

    Ok, while I do not have a lot of faith in Ben Affleck playing Batman, I will say this. Heath Ledger was torn apart by the critics when it was first announced that he was cast as the joker. Who knows we could get a surprise out of this.

  38. Jeffsays:

    Gérard Depardieu would make a better Batman…

  39. Yahwehsays:

    The only two on this list whom are actually worthy of “The Cowl” are Jon Hamm and Idris Elba, whom I would still like to see as John Stewart Green Lantern in Justice League as well as perhaps a future Bond-the rest of your list absolutely qualifies you to be shot after being dismembered and disemboweled and castrated which just for you writing this list I would willingly do to you. May you please die,..Now!!

  40. maroosays:

    All except for Bourdain (is he an actor?), the list is filled with superb actors. However, that being said, let me remind you, Affleck has done a lot of great work too. He directed Gone Baby Gone, directed and starred in The Town and then Argo (Oscar baby!). Those were some pretty fantastic movies. Mr. Affleck is going to nail Bruce Wayne/Batman. The only thing (as a comic fan) that I am worried about is, that Mr. Affleck is a great deal taller than Mr Henry Cavill. And in the comic books, Superman is a 2 inches taller than Batman (Superman 6’4″ and Batman at 6’2″). This is just a movie, and I am sure some camera tricks could resolve my concern. It is also a minor detail. Henry Cavill did an awesome job of playing Superman, and I feel that Ben Affleck will do the same in portraying Bruce Wayne/Batman.

    1. Michael J Cartersays:

      While not saying he’s a bad actor, but I think he’s a lot better director. He plays a better a boston irish background badboy/cop types. I just can’t see him as Bruce Wayne though.

  41. agochoasays:

    If you guys made this list to make us feel better about Ben Affleck, you did a pretty damn good job on me because this list is God awful. While were at it, how about Jim Parsons as Batman? Jon Heder? Bobcat Goldthwait? Anyone else wanna just throw some random ass, obscure, names to the published list of actors that SHOULD NOT PLAY BATMAN??

    1. el_tigresays:

      John Goodman, 60s style leotard. That’s a movie I want to see.

  42. Niennasays:

    I can see your point about Clive Owen – I think he would be a better Batman than Affleck. But the rest of the list, is all a bit out there…
    For someone who seems to know about graphic novels and comics, you don’t seem to understand that the core fan-base doesn’t do change very well (whether that is right or wrong is irrelevant). A sexual Bruce Wayne? A black Batman? He’s been portrayed as white for over 70 years! And it seems to have worked! Don’t get me wrong, Idris Elba is probably one of the most up and coming actors of our generation, but Batman is born and raised as a rich, upper class WHITE man.
    And for the record, Christian Bale may have had an irritating voice in his rendition of Batman, but he still did a great job. And can’t portray emotion? Haven’t you seen films like American Psycho? 3:10 to Yuma? Rein of Fire? Rescue Dawn? They might not all involve portraying sadness, but they all show him in various states of emotion, betrayal, vengeance, anger. I am a huge Bale fan, and this may make me biased, but in my HUMBLE opinion, he is one of the most talented actors in the world. He’s dedicated to his roles and he gives it his all, if that makes him a little shitty sometimes, so what!? He took Batman out of the slap-stick era and brought him into the 21st century. Nolan and Bale made him dark, exactly as he should be. Which is why DC comics are so much more believable than Marvel: they’re gritty and are sometimes hopeless. Not everything is rosy like in Marvel films and comics (FYI, the Avengers was great, but for very different reasons).
    And I’m sorry to anyone who think I’m talking rubbish, this guy just really pissed me off…

  43. freudzslipsays:

    I agree with 4 of your picks of actors who would make a better Batman than Ben Affleck. Not that I’m not a Affleck fan, it’s just that not all actors are good for all roles…or should I say, fit well to all roles. Having said that, i could not agree any more with you when it comes to Idris Elba. I’ve been waiting and waiting to see his career skyrocket. He is the ultimate in COOL. To say he is handsome is an understatement. He is charming and, much, much more. I’m in total agreement with you when you said you think he should be the next James Bond. I can’t think of any actor that would be more perfect for the role. I am a big Daniel Craig fan, and think that he actually is the best James Bond yet. And, when he decides to hang up the role, I can think of no one better for it than Idris Elba. And, of course he would be setting a new precedent; one for which it’s time has finally come. I don’t think it would have been given even the slightest consideration as little as perhaps 8 or 10 years ago, but today, it’s a “no brainer” I think for such a role to go to a Black Actor. From when I first saw him in Luther, to when he made some appearances in the Showtime series “The Big C” as Laura Linney’s lover, to when he played the Space Ship Pilot in the movie, “Prometheus,” I have wondered why this man isn’t the hottest new Super Star on the horizon.

  44. Carpenter Esays:

    “Not only would I crucify you for that comment, but I hope most readers here would too.”

    LOL You socialists are ridiculous. Batman isn’t Black, he is White. But if you say so, you must be … CRUCIFIED! Wow, what a moron.

  45. Djangosays:

    Granted, there weren’t many rich or affluent African Americans in the early 20th century, however there were some…Also, Egyptians are/were Africans…and looked nothing like the Arabic people “borrowing” the land now…they’re squatters, nothing more. Also, white criminals far outnumber black ones, however blacks are over represented proportionally. All that said, you have to leave old Bruce a white boy…

  46. Morenmbsays:

    So, the author makes a living writing this???? Now I feel less worried about my future.

  47. adamsays:

    Elba will never be batman or Bond so get over it people!

  48. Tio Johnnysays:


  49. eddiesays:

    Why not Elba? Movies are always changing the aspect of the original… Hell Marvel did a black BATMAN with a story twist, why not keep the same story line and see what u get……Just please don’t ask “THE ROCK” to be in the movie…Lol WELL lets get crazy ask House to be Gordan, get the new 007 to be Alfred, Patrick Stewart to play Lucius Fox and get Jensen Ackles to play Mr. Freeze. just sayin.

  50. Raptor Jesussays:

    Sam Rockwell as Batman.

    My head just exploded.

  51. kwa_mesays:

    Have you seen Luther? Idris Elba is practically Batman on that minus the money and gadgets, is he good is he bad are his motives questionable.

  52. Eleplantsays:

    Idris Elba as John Stewart would be really, really awesome. And no, not (just) because he’s black. Just… Trust me on this one. Cast him. Now.

  53. robsays:

    Smh ….. bad list although Jon Hamm as Bruce

  54. Jackie Jormpjompsays:

    Actually, Owen wouldn’t be bad. Batman in this is older and “grizzled”. Plus he’s got to have a lot of charisma while barely seeing his face. Clive Owen is a solid entry.

  55. Jackie Jormpjompsays:

    Hamm would have good too.

  56. Casanova Frankensteinsays:

    in a list that is both contrived &derivative… Idris Elba.. the one actor that actually stands a chance is the one who would never be cast as the character… aside from Elba this list is truly TERRIBLE

    it wouldnt work not only because of the latent racism in the vast majority of white american fans.. but because of the vast technical rejigging thatd have to be done in order to make it work.. closed mask open mask.. family background etc etc
    plus fanboys (white AND black) would completely lose their shit.. &the absolute media circus that would envelop the project would detract from an otherwise potentially oscar winning film/performance

    but TECHNICALLY its the perfect choice &COULD work.. as for the backstory i wrote a treatment dealing with &wrapping up any of said issues in under 15 minutes im sure hollywoods proffessionals would be fine…

    also anyone making a case against because “no black family could be that rich” are not only deep rooted racists but ignorant assholes who should probably do some research into black american history

  57. Tyson CuRecka Curtissays:

    U lost me after Clive Owen and John Hamm…now Idris Elba would kill it acting wise, but the race card unfortunetly will kill it for ppl. I agree with those 3 would be ok, but the rest of ur list is crap lol. My choices and i dare anyone to disagree. Anson Mount( Hell on Wheels, Safe) or Jeffery Dean Morgan (Watchman, Losers, Supernatural-tv) go look any of those or their other body of and tell me they wouldnt be perfect for the role…. i mean PERFECT! Morgan definetly has the voice, and has shown he can do a aged superhero in Watchman, and his brooding on Supernatural as “John Winchester” shows he can nail Batman. Mount definetly can pull off the badass in fighting and BRuce Wayne, look at “Safe” …and course he’s a Badass on “Hell On WHeels. Those are my choices and i wouldnt care who disagrees….again PERFECT!(street fight II voice lol)

  58. Michael J Cartersays:

    They should leave batman alone and go with where they left off and start with Robins story as it seems perfect with the ending of the last one.

  59. OniRaptorsays:

    The trouble with casting Batman is the duality. You can cast someone as Bruce Wayne, but then they also have to be Batman, or vice versa.

    personally, I liked Daredevil and see nothing wrong with this actor portraying a comic book character. I believe Affleck would do well as Bruce Wayne.

    I mean Christian Bale was a believable Bruce Wayne and an awful Batman. So was Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton.

    Maybe they should cast each part to different actors. Someone intense and powerful as Batman and some charismatic and charming, and a tad mental, as Qayne.

  60. Michael Heidesays:

    Idris Elba is wrong because he is too old, just like everyone else on this list. It doesn’t make sense to portray Batman as an older, weary character in the first Superman/Batman crossover if you want to spin this into multiple Justice League and Batman solo movies years from now.

  61. mrsweetphatssays:

    iv got the balls ta say it HELL NO ALBA CAN’T BE BATMAN or any black actor 4 that matter, simply cuz white cry babys won’t let that happened,

  62. truthsays:

    Josh Brolin

  63. Editor and Chiefsays:

    Everyone up until Idris Elba in my opinion was horrible. Now with that being said the character of Bruce Wayne as a child when his parents were killed has always been projected to be between the 40s and 50s but could possibly be stretched to the 60s. This is the reason why Batman has to be caucasian, his parents were very respected wealthy people and during the time of their death african americans were not looked highly upon at all. Now I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t he should be Batman because I am racist because I’m not I love him as an actor and I think he would do an amazing job. I just wanted to point out a faw in the writers thinking

  64. Editor and Chiefsays:

    Sorry, read my comment over need to correct some errors.
    Second to last sentence
    Now I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t think he should be Batman because I am racist because I’m not. I love him as an actor and I think he would do an amazing job. I just wanted to point out a flaw in the writer’s thinking/thought process of challenging people by asking the question “What about Bruce Wayne’s character forces him into Caucasian nationality?”

  65. I’m black and I love the idea of not limiting the casting of a role by the race of the character in the source material.

    However, sometimes that character’s race is a key element in his/her backstory. If changes have to be made that significantly alter the character’s backstory and his interaction with other characters, then we may arrive at a tale that is drastically different than the source material (although not necessarily bad).

    Superman can be black. No problem there. It’s not important that he’s white. It’s important that he’s a poor farmer’s adopted son. Him being black might even be more true to the story of him being a stranger with an identity crisis in another world.

    Electro is being played by Jamie Foxx in the upcoming Spiderman film. No problem there. Spiderman can be black too (not just in an alternate universe- cough-cough). Parker just has to be a brilliant inner city youth that has problems handling his personal relationships and his super-powered foes. Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury is fine.

    With Batman, there’s an issue. Bruce Wayne has to be a rich, white billionaire playboy that does not stand out from other young, rich white, male socialites. His race is part of his camouflage, as even in 2013 there are very few wealthy black men that fit the mold of a Bruce Wayne. He would stand out in Gotham. With Batman’s mask it’s obvious that he’s black, but blacks are a minority in Gotham. Perhaps his mask could make him appear white? No, that would be too goofy.

    Now that I think about it, Batman is one of the few characters where his race is pretty significant. The idea that this spoiled rich white kid is really Batman is one of the main selling points.


    – Anthony Bourdain? Idiotic.
    – Sam Rockwell? Interesting. Maybe he would surprise us all a la Michael Keaton?
    – Farrell? No.
    – Hamm? A perfect “old” Bruce Wayne.
    – Owen? A perfect “old” Batman.

    How about Chris Pine?

  66. Surya Narayan Dixitsays:

    If we leave the age factor aside than I think Ryan Goosling would be the best choice to portray batman.. nkt to mention he would make a stunning Bruce Wayne..

  67. Uzimansays:

    Gabriel Macht as Batman

  68. Bijan Sebastian Williamssays:

    I love the Idris rant Kudos for you!

  69. griffinsays:

    you cant just go and change things about characters, movie producers are hesitant to even change the hair color of beloved characters case-in-point cap america, idris elba is BLACK people would literally boycott that movie and i dont mean like how theyre going to “boycott” the ben afleck movie i mean people will literally not go see it

  70. batman is not black dumbass

  71. ComicConDonsays:

    Not saying Christain Bale is better than all of these actors including Affleck, but he sure did set the bar so high for anyone to play that role. I can’t even think of an actor to take that role after Bale, but if I had to, I’d pick Michael Fassbender

  72. LMNAIDsays:

    I gotta say.. If the source material was ignored and the backstory of batman was changed..than Elba would make an awesome batman, definitely got the acting chops and the physical presence in my opinion. I’d very much like to see it

  73. Slartibartfastsays:

    Bourdain isn’t merely a little too old, he’s WAY too old. Elba – I’m trying not to be racist here, but a black Batman doesn’t fit the comic books.
    Here’s one from left field – what price Ewan MacGregor?

  74. Jakesays:

    Everyone talking about Sam not doing a good Batman, has anyone ever seen his unbelievably diverse set of characters he has played, Sam can play anyone and most of the actors on this list are pretty diverse with is the best quality to have as an actor and most of these actors would be good but I do agree they should not change the ethnicity of Bruce so drastically to African American because its just too drastic of a change. Its also hilarious to me that people bring up other times that it has happened like as if that’s supposed to support their views but I’m sorry to tell you IT DOESN’T cause that’s our point is that those characters should NOT have been changed as well…like the more recent Mandarin, in my opinion they should have kept him Asian, the reason being, what did it add to the film/character to change his race? There are plenty of Asian actors out there that would of been happy to be in an Iron Man film, so why go with Ben Kingsley? I’ve never understand why people even do this when casting. I mean its really stupid to me when you ask yourself that question, why? Why would they even consider hiring an African American to play an obviously Caucasian character? Doesn’t make any sense to me when there are plenty of actors that are white that could play him perfectly but for some reason they toy with an illogical casting idea, its just so odd to me that people even defend the idea and then making it seem like the resistant side is racist but that far from the truth, its just keep them the race that they are cause it doesn’t do anything to the film to change his race, I would still watch a black Batman but all I would be thinking is that one question, why? For what purpose do they think changing his race has, changing source material for film is highly common as we all know but changing things that are in no need to be changed is where it starts being illogical and even confusing sometimes.

    1. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

      Actors are supposed to be able to play just about anybody,period. White comic book fans need to stop acting like the skies will fall just because their beloved character is played by, “OMG! a black actor is playing iBatman!”” Everybody shut it the hell down,like “this can’t fucking happen”. And I thought actors were supposed to be judged by their talent—-now just their skin color!

      1. Jakesays:

        You looking at it the wrong way, I could care less if he was African American if he was actually AFRICAN AMERICAN but he’s not so why change his race when its way too obvious that its unnecessary. Its just as if a main character was a female and they decided to make her a male but didn’t actually have a logical reason for changing her gender then that would just not make sense. I cannot see how anyone could see it different, I understand the beauty in different opinions and rationally accept them, I’ve had many people change my mind before but on this particular case it would not make sense. Batman is a Caucasian character so why even change that? When changing things of that high of a caliber it needs to have reasoning behind it that either furthers the story or makes the viewing experience more acceptable, however there is not any reason to change a Caucasian character to African American, period. If there is any logical reason you can give me that justifies changing his race then by all means I’m open for it BUT if its just because an African American won the role then that is not sufficient as there are plenty of Caucasian actors who would pull it off just as good as said actor.

      2. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

        Um, Batman is a FICTIONAL character! People can make him whatever the hell they want him to be? Why the hell does there have to be an explanation for his change of skin color? He can be whatever the hell his creator wants him to be.The only reason you and everyone else whines about this is because YOU yourselves can’t relate to a black character, or you think you can’t relate to one. What speaks volumes about you—that a lot of you can’t get past an actor’s color long enough to decide whether he’s good enough for the part of not. I find that pretty damn pathetic that,in the 21st century,this subject is even STILL being even debated in this day and age. So much for a post-racial society,huh?!

  75. Bruce Waynesays:

    why are so many people angry about something that didn’t happened yet? for this was invented internet?

  76. Blurrygirl13says:

    I would love Clive Owen as Batman, or Idris Elba. I’m sorry, but as a life-long lover of all things Batman, I just don’t see Ben A doing the role justice.

  77. 9mannsays:

    It’s kinda funny to see how minorities “don’t mind” when initially white
    characters are suggested to become black, by saying “nothing in their
    character makes them white”, but when you think that The Rock, who is
    half-black, would be a perfect Luke Cage, they claim rabidly how he is
    not “black enough”. Too much hypocrisy out there behind the reasons and free-thinking.

    1. Michaelsays:

      the fuck you talking about nigga… C’mon son get outta here with that bull shit you probably heard 2 black people say that and decided to formulate and argument outta that shit.

      1. 9mannsays:

        2 black people? I see it right here and I did not offend anybody btw. All I’m saying, don’t change anyone’s heritage, stay true to the sources and if you feel like you want a great black character, use one of already existing, or create one. I mean, why never I’ve seen Asians or Latinos complain? What’s your problem?

  78. Lexie Southersays:

    like Troy replied I am dazzled that someone can profit $5131 in four weeks on the computer. web link l­o­c­k­4­0­.­ℂ­0­ℳ­

  79. batman22says:

    I am in no way racist I’ve dated many people of other races and I have a half white half African American nephew but Idris Elba can not play Batman because he is black the same way a white guy can not play Falcon, Luke Cage, Blade, etc. Now if Idris Elba was to play the new Green Lantern that would be fantastic spot on casting.

    1. Michaelsays:

      Naw, Batman can be black or what ever race dude… no one cares as long as he embodies the spirit of the character.Case in point, Ben Affleck looks like he could be a great batman physically but his personality and demeanor are far from the brooding nature needed to play the character. You are too superficial in your judgement of what constitutes one to be perfect for a part. I do agree with others though many on this list are shit.

      1. 1232233says:

        What about a white Blade, Spawn or Luke Cage then?

      2. Michaelsays:

        I wouldn’t care, however I hope you complained about a few of these.


      3. 1232233says:

        And i hope you shut your mouth about them.

  80. Idris Alba…. black batman that would be amazing !! throw a whole new twist to dc

  81. Boris McGuffinsays:

    The notion of Idris Elba playing Batman is vomit-worthy, but he could certainly play a good Stepin Fetchit.

  82. Jack'sSmirkingRevengesays:

    A lot of decent picks here, but I for one am really glad that Idris Elba isn’t Batman… Not because he’s black, but because I think tying himself to this franchise would hurt the chances of him being able to sign on to be the next Bond.

  83. leanton31says:

    Let me tell you this; i wouldn’t like Remy Carriero in a casting chair… That is if he’s serious because i think in most of his choices he’s trying to provoke reactions and comments galore (not a glaring example of journalism)… I can understand Owen or Hamm but all the other choices are frankly pathetic for various reasons that i’ m too bored to explain… I would have like to see Richard Armitage as Batman.

  84. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:


    Oh,please—it’s usually white people bitching more than black people ever do when a black actor is even suggested to play a white superhero character, from
    what I’ve seen on the Net. If you don’t believe me, go search on here for yourself. White people lose their shit over that MORE than black people ever do!

    1. 9mannsays:

      Why would you want a black person to play white character? What stands behind this desire? How would you feel if a black character would be suggested to be played by white actor?

  85. No one on this list should play Batman… Go bat to the drawing board

  86. NightOwlsays:

    Stringer Bell would whup Batass.

  87. Michael Fredgrensays:

    I think Gerald Butler of 300 would be even better than any of these listed.

  88. Brandon Harrelsonsays:

    Man… After reading this list I realized it actually could have been much worse than Affleck. I mean Anthony Bourdain? What? Jon Hamm and Karl Urban were always my first choices. And I’ve always said if they decided to make Batman black they better cast Idris Elba, he can play pretty much anybody and I’d watch it.

  89. Brandon Harrelsonsays:

    It’s hilarious to me all the people complaining about the idea of Elba playing the role because he’s black. It’s probably the same people complaining about the idea of him playing Bond. America, where we can make Abraham Lincoln a vampire hunter but God forbid we make a fictional character black lol.

    1. 1232233says:

      Or god forbid making Shaft white.

  90. disqus_Dr9QvBUTrRsays:

    Jon Hamm ABSOLUTELY!

  91. disqus_Dr9QvBUTrRsays:

    Idris Elba as Luther! Yes, he would make a great Batman!

  92. the Affleck batman has yet to be seen yet !
    i remember when you all frowned Ledger for taking the joker role and then the joke was all on you .. at least watch the film when it comes out and then decide
    about how good or bad Affleck is as batman , before hand is just silly
    in the meantime maybe take some acting classes and consider yourself the next batman , anythings possible

    oh yeah , this list is not that crash hot

  93. germannoesays:

    I’ll say it, Idris can never be Batman because he’s black. Not because Bruce Wayne the character can’t be black but because America wouldn’t accept it. You think I’m wrong but just look at the backlash at a Indian being crowned Miss America. I don’t agree with it but it’s true, at the end of the day studios are more interested in making money than making quality. They wouldn’t risk the controversy. Plus international audiences aren’t real big on non-white actors. Will Smith doesn’t nearly as well internationally as he does in the U.S. And just so we’re clear I’m not white.

    1. 1232233says:

      Spawn can be white then?

  94. germannoesays:

    The comments below prove my point. Nothing about Batman/Bruce Wayne dictates that he has to be black but white people won’t accept it. Just like they won’t accept a black Superman and went nuts when Marvel Ultimates replace Peter Parker with a black Spiderman. And while they can deny it all they want it is purely racism, what’s known as white privilege.

    1. 1232233says:

      And blacks don’t want a white Shaft, whats your point?

  95. germannoesays:

    India is in Asia that makes Indians Asian, also orient means east so oreintals are all easterners the way European and Americans are referred to westerners.

  96. germannoesays:

    In Hollywood black has to play black but white can play Hispanic, Hispanic can play Asian(middle eastern) or white and middle Easterns can play Hispanic

  97. Baysays:

    Jensen Ackles (Dean) from supernatural would play a good batman

  98. Alric the Redsays:

    This site has some of the stupidest ideas. A celebrity chef as Batman? Really? And he’d be better than Ben Affleck? Really?

    What a waste of time.

  99. Eric Bana. Gerard Butler, missing.

  100. Mikesays:

    “What about Bruce Wayne’s character forces him into Caucasian nationality?”

    UM, the fact that he has NEVER been black? And if you really expect to make money you may want to keep him white.

  101. Stevesays:

    I love that people keep calling Hamm too old when he’s the same age as Affleck…

    1. walking talking common sensesays:

      I’m a black man and I say Batman can’t be black simply because it would be too easy for the bad guys to narrow down his ID as far as the story line goes….although that same thought crossed my mind with Bale’s voice. Elba would make a cool Black Panther though. The brother is elegate and menancing at the same time..perfect for prince T’Çhalla.

      As for the “In real life, black men can’t replace white men” comment…you need to stick your 1920’s stuck on stupid ass great white dope mentality and jump back into the closet with your sheet. News Flash! BORIS (who names their kid ‘Boris” anyway? Wonder what cartoon character you look like)…anyway…..yo! BORIS! Jim Crow got beat up back in the last part of the 20th Century. People are becoming more and more civilized. People like you are on their last gasp.

  102. coreysays:


  103. 1232233says:

    I’d rather see Peter Dinklage as Batman than Idris Elba.

  104. Dart Vadesays:

    the comment about Bale not being approachable is pure shit, just like the writing in this article. Those families let it be known that he showed up, he has done lots for kids and people in general if you look it up and lots of other stuff we never hear about. It was a cheap shot in a cheaply written article.

  105. An astoundingly wrong-headed list. You’re just off on each and every count, sir.

  106. Eddygordosays:

    A quick word to all the eurocentrists that fill the comments box. Humans from Caucasian background (let be honest, white people) represent merely 14% of the world population. The future is now. Bollywood flicks touch a much bigger market that your eurocentric film productions. A Black man, an Asian or a Hispano man for Batman is not impossible.
    From the moment an actor has a wide range of expressions to play with, he can transcend any character.

  107. Jason Lindermansays:

    I stopped at Clive Owen, fucking AWFUL.

  108. erique johnsonsays:

    All the blasphemy on this list and all people can say is ” Batman must be white “

  109. Necrosays:

    Why isnt Keith Urban on this list? Another reason why this list is crap. Keith Urban is the best living actor other then Bale to do Batman. Its an absolute shame and travesty that they didnt get him. Imagine him as Dredd, then Imagine him as Batman. Yup…….. His acting with a mask on is INCREDIBLE. That voice, the chin/mouth. He may not have been as good of a Bruce Wayne. If i were to pick an actor just based off Bruce Wayne, id pick John Hamm but as Batman, you cant get better then Urban.

  110. Michaelsays:

    The fact is, and it saddens me, is Hollywood doesn’t give a fuck.

    Hollywood is run and owned by caucasians. If you want to stereotype, Hollywood is run by Jews.

    Their agenda is not going to be pushing for minority equality or anything ethical. It is going to be to make money.

    Hollywood is an industry. The same way McDonalds don’t give a fuck about cows is the same way Hollywood won’t give a fuck about ethnic representation.

    The key is, is to boycott any clear indication of whitewashing so that they don’t make money from you. Support independent cinema and birth new stars who may be ‘non-white’ and do something positive.

    This list is pedantic and patronising, while the issue is prevalent and horrific.

    Try and make a difference people. Affect shit.

  111. zachsays:

    First while Idris is a great actor does not make us racist for wanting your characters to be white and black to be black. What if Luke Cage was changed to white you would have tantrum wouldn’t you? So white stay white and black stay black.

  112. Jjjjjsays:

    Affleck is bad but this list sucks. You’d crucify people for not liking a black guy as Batman?! You’re an idiot

  113. Aurelio Cantusays:


  114. Marilyn Chapmansays:

    Totally agree with Idris Elba. If you are going to reboot, then race should not be an issue. Sackoff on Battlestar Galactica did a great job playing Starbuck so why not shake things up? I also like the idea of Joe Manganiello taking over the role. He has the physique and the brooding nature of the character.

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