Ben Affleck Coming Under Fire Online For Creepy Dating App Behavior

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Ben Affleck is coming under fire on social media due to his “creepy” dating app behavior. Influencer Nivine Jay shared on her TikTok account that she had matched with Affleck on dating app Raya. However, Jay had doubts that this user was the real deal and so unmatched him. Imagine her surprise, then, when Affleck slid into her DMs on Instagram to confirm that it really was him on Raya by sending her a short message.

As shared via Jay’s TikTok video, Affleck filmed himself saying “Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It’s me.” The clip went viral online, firstly as just a hilarious, unexpected celebrity encounter. However, Affleck then started facing backlash over his actions. Many feel that the star crossed a line by following up Jay’s rejection of him on Raya by chasing her down to another platform and questioning her decision to unmatch.

To begin with, though, here’s Jay’s original video:

As you can see below, “creepy” is a word being used a lot by those criticizing Affleck for his behavior.

Ben Affleck

On a lighter note, others can’t resist using this situation to employ some memes.

Of course someone had to make this joke.

This incident comes at a time when Affleck has been hitting the headlines for getting chummy with his ex Jennifer Lopez again, which led to much speculation that the two had rekindled their former romance. However, the Justice League actor’s antics on Raya seem to prove that he’s still single following his split from Ana de Armas and looking for love. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work out on this occasion, and as for whether his follow-up video was warranted or not, well, that seems to be a matter of personal opinion, as some folks are also defending him online.

Ben Affleck is currently shooting The Flash movie, which could feature his final performance as Bruce Wayne. Other projects he has in the works include Robert Rodriguez’s Hypnotic and his next directorial effort, Ghost Army.