Ben Affleck’s Fate In The Flash Reportedly Revealed

Justice League Batman

Even though he never got that solo outing, but he still might if you believe the deluge of rumors to have circulated over the last year, Ben Affleck is nonetheless going to set a record when The Flash arrives next November as the first actor to play Batman in four live-action movies.

That puts him one ahead of Christian Bale and co-star Michael Keaton, who suits up for the first time in 30 years as the DCEU blockbuster introduces its own multiverse. There’s been talk that the Scarlet Speedster’s standalone effort will mark the end of the line for Affleck’s Caped Crusader, but of course we’ve heard otherwise as well.

A new rumor from tipster Mikey Sutton doesn’t quite spell it out in any sort of definitive terms, but it does put forth the identity of The Flash‘s villain and what his motives are. As per the report, the big bad will be revealed as another version of Barry Allen from the Keaton timeline, and his ultimate goal will see him try and kill every superhero that crosses his path, which includes Ezra Miller’s Barry and Affleck’s Dark Knight.

While Sutton is vague when it comes to detailing if the evil Flash will succeed in his goals or not, a lot of folks have been expecting Andy Muschietti’s film to be the end of the line for the DCEU’s canonical Batman. It’s completely understandable why Affleck wouldn’t have wanted to bow out with Joss Whedon’s Justice League as the exclamation point on his legacy, and going out on his sword in The Flash after a much better showing in the Snyder Cut would be enough to send everybody home happy.