Best anime like ‘Fruits Basket’

Fruits Basket is a popular anime which finished its run in 2021. The show had three seasons and a 2001 adaptation, both following the manga it was based on. First published in 1998 by Natsuki Takaya, the story follows orphaned Tohru Honda as she learns the family secrets of the Sohma household.

What makes this anime really popular and engaging to watch is not only the story, but also the diverse characters with their own personalities and the chemistry the characters have with each other. Fans were emotionally engaged to the story and it made Tohru someone you could root for. But at the same time, this show has secrets, so many that you are keen to see them all revealed.

Here are the top 10 anime that are like Fruits Basket.

10. Fruits Basket: Prelude

If you’re in need of more Fruits Basket content, you’re in luck as a prelude film was made, following the story of Tohru’s mother, Kyoko and her love story with her late-husband Katsuya. Their story was cut out of the main anime but the fact they made a full length film means that no parts will be skipped. If you think the main anime made you cry, wait till you watch this.

9. Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi suffers from severe social anxiety, but is extremely beautiful. One of her schoolmates, Tadano, decides to take her under his wing. Komi Can’t Communicate is a slice-of-life anime series that also has this ‘will they, won’t they’ love story between Tadano and Komi. Season two will be out on Netflix this month so now is the best time to catch up on season one.

8. A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away is a film about a girl named Mugi who has the ability to turn into a cat, which she uses so she can get close to the boy she loves. Mugi has to choose between being a cat or a human as she deals with her miserable human life of being a child of divorce and the bullying of her high school peers.

7. Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

Magia Record follows more of a friendship story than the curse of being a magical girl as was seen in the original Puella Magi Madoka Magica series. The story follows Iroha Tamaki as she visits Kamihama City to find answers about her missing sister. She befriends other magical girls, some who have been friends for a long time, and others who just need someone to tell them it’s ok. Together, they fight Uwasa and learn the secrets of the The Magius and what it really means to be a magical girl.

6. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight has a bit of a black motif in comparison to Fruits Basket but follows a similar tale of secrets being unravelled and supernatural beings wanting to co-exist with humans. This anime is worth watching if you want something darker but are still keen to watch a supernatural tale.

5. Ponyo

Ponyo is a love story that also takes inspiration from Asian supernatural and western fairytales. Ponyo is the child of Fujimoto and Granmamare, the goddess of the sea. She falls in love with a human named Souske, and the two get tested to see if their love is true.

4. Aggretsuko

If you like cute animals and a tranche de vie show, this one is for you. Aggretsuko is a fun anime based on the Sanrio character, Retsuko. She’s a red panda office worker who uses heavy metal music to let off steam. She may be cute but she’s also aggressive when she goes in her full metal mode.

3. K-On

K-On is a coming-of-age anime filled with friendship and music. Despite all their quirks and differences, they’re all able to produce good music together as a high school light music band. This anime is for those who want something wholesome and fun.

2. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is an anime that has similar tropes as Fruits Basket such as comparing the lives of characters in both lower and higher economic classes. Haruhi Fujioka is forced into a life of indentured servitude in a host club after accidentally breaking an expensive vase. She learns more about her fellow peers in the host club and realize that maybe their lives aren’t that lavished after all.

1. Belle

Remember that one part of Fruits Basket where Torhu saw Kyo’s true cat form and she chases after him? Imagine that but in a feature-length film. Belle is a tale of a famous pop singer in the digital world of U, who befriends a beast-like creature who’s isolated, hurting, and also haunted by a vigilante group. The two eventually start to meet each other in secret where they slowly trust and protect each other.

These anime follow certain themes or story beats similar to Fruits Basket. Whether you like something fun and wholesome, mysterious, or a darker approach to the supernatural, hopefully this list will suit your fancy.