13 Unforgettable Movie Moments From 2017

2017 invited us into all kinds of cinematic worlds, and some fascinating, compelling storylines. From spy thrillers and romantic dramas, to science fiction actioners and monster movies; from dystopian futures and anarchic police procedurals, to animated adventures and historical examinations – we paid our money, sat in the dark, and drank in the talents of a whole host of filmmakers.

Many of those films contained great moments that lingered in the mind after the end credits rolled. Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, Okja, The Florida Project, Atomic Blonde, The LEGO Batman Movie, Alien: CovenantBlade Runner 2049 and John Wick: Chapter Two all deserve honourable mentions here. But there were a small number of films that went further than that, and delivered real, honest-to-goodness goosebump moments; the kind of moment that – nestled perfectly within the context of its specific point in the arc of both story and character – takes hold of us in our seats and refuses to let go.

These are the moments that elicit emotional and physical reaction in the viewer, the like of which is particularly rare and difficult to achieve. They are borne of the combination of brilliant writing, directing, performance, cinematography, sound, music, production design – and sometimes even choreography. They are the moments when we all of that excellent artistry comes together and elevates the whole viewing experience to the next level.

These, in no particular order, are the best movie moments of 2017.