The Best Movies Of 2015 (So Far…)


We’re in the midst of June now, halfway through 2015, and it’s safe to say that it’s been an interesting six months at the box office. We’ve seen some huge blockbusters blow through ticket records, female-led movies cement their place in the blockbuster season, feats of cinematic ingenuity flourish at the multiplex and truly thought-provoking films emerge from the most unexpected of places and genres. On the other hand, we’ve sat through Fifty Shades of Grey and Get Hard. So, it’s been a mixed bag.

And to kick off our mid-year coverage here at We Got This Covered, film critics Matt Donato, Isaac Feldberg and Sam Woolf are here to lay out the best and brightest that the year has had to offer thus far. From spine-tingling sci-fi to gut-busting comedy, there was something for everyone in this first half of the year, and our hope is that by bringing you our picks, we can introduce some of the smaller titles to those of you who may have missed them, and make you reconsider any larger ones you decided to pass on.

This is an unranked list, with each of us highlighting some of our favorites, but rest assured there was some cross-over (for one, it’s safe to say that all of us fell under Inside Out‘s emotional spell).