10 Things That Surprised Us At The Movies In 2014

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It’s that time of year again when every wannabe film critic writes a list describing their favorite movies of the year, often including titles that haven’t even been released to the general public yet. Isn’t that beyond annoying? Fortunately for you, I’m not here to rank my personal favorites. I’ll leave that to the millions of other movie critics out there, including the ones on this very site.

Instead, I’m here today to give you an overview of the most surprising things that happened at the movies this year. Surprise is subjective at the best of times, but then again, so are all those end of year lists that we enjoy reading in the build-up to New Year, so why let that stop us?

Join us, then, as we count down the 10 things that surprised us most this year and let us know if you can think of anything else that should be added to our list. Predictions for 2015 are also welcome in the comments section below, and surprising comments will be appreciated for their irony.