Bill & Ted Face The Music Releases 6 Month Countdown Teaser

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Wanna hear something excellent, my dudes and dudettes and non-binaryettes? We all get to see Keanu’s smooth, un-aged face in a mere six months! Also, Alex Winter is there, and he’s very nice, so we should be excited for that, too! Where are we seeing these fellas? Why, in Bill & Ted Face The Music of course! We’ve already waited 19 years, so what’s another half a year, right?

Orion Pictures released a lil’ baby teaser today on Instagram to celebrate the occasion, though it’s just a re-purposed clip from Excellent Adventure with “Six Months” overlayed on the two doing some air guitar celebrations, and doesn’t showcase any new footage. Still, it’s sharing the spirit and excitement that many folks have for this upcoming sequel.

What we know about Face The Music’s plot tells us that our hapless middle-aged slackers are being given roughly 80 minutes to save the world with their music. Time means nothing to the two, however, as they use their time-traveling phone booth to avert the collapse of the universe. They’re bringing their teenaged daughters along on the history-hopping adventure, too, where they may just grow up a little bit after all.

Personally, I love both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, the latter of which seems to be forgotten to the sands of time, save for the addition of William Sadler’s portrayal of Death. Even in other press releases I’ve read, Face the Music is being billed more as a sequel to Excellent Adventure, with nary a mention of the second Bill and Ted journey. The latter film just doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves.

I’m glad that everyone, from Keanu to Alex Winter to co-creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, are so eager and game to revisit a cult classic like this, though. I’m a little wary of Orion’s involvement, but they did back Silence of the Lambs back in the day, so they’re not all bad. Here’s to hoping the newest adventure of the middle-aged slackers in Bill & Ted Face the Music is as good as the classics.