Bill & Ted Face The Music Has Officially Been Rated

Bill & Ted Face The Music

Having been away from our screens since the conclusion of their Bogus Journey in 1991, the fans that have waited almost three decades for the Wyld Stallions to return to theaters probably aren’t too dismayed by the fact that Bill & Ted Face the Music was recently pushed back by a week to avoid the new date awarded to Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, as the scheduling domino effect caused by the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

For the longest time, it seemed that the idea of a third adventure for the titular duo was nothing more than a pipe-dream, with the project being mentioned every once in a while over the years but never actually moving any further forward, but perhaps in part due to the industry’s current and continued obsession with capitalizing on the ever-growing market for properties with nostalgic appeal, Bill & Ted Face the Music finally managed to claw its way out of development hell and will arrive next month, provided there are no more setbacks.

Kevin Smith may have cried tears of happiness when he caught an early screening of the movie, but he seems to cry at an awful lot of things, and is well-known for his recreational preferences. However, the recently-released first trailer seems to promise that the film will appeal to both longtime fans and those that have never seen either Excellent Adventure or Bogus Journey, and the recent resurgence in the popularity of star Keanu Reeves could even give the pic a nice little boost at the box office.

Now, with the release date just eight weeks away, the MPAA has officially rated Bill & Ted Face the Music PG-13, with the wholesome comedy set to feature ‘some language.’ Whether casual audiences will have much interest in the movie remains to be seen, but based on the footage that’s been released so far, the fans are poised to have a great time revisiting these characters.