Bill & Ted Face The Music Star Teases Death’s Triumphant Return


As we try and fail to keep calm and carry on, we can still try our damndest to distract ourselves. Look over there, a Bill & Ted sequel! Ah, I’m distracted and comforted already.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is (coronavirus notwithstanding) set to release on August 21st of this year. The movie will of course see the return of its eponymous screw-ups, but it’ll also see the return of a third familiar face. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey introduced William Sadler’s take on Death. You know Death, the guy who walks around with a big stick, telling people when their time has come.

Death (aka the Grim Reaper) is coming back for Face the Music, and Sadler is delighted about it. In a recent interview with NME, the actor described the thrill of returning to the franchise, saying:

“The spirit of the original movies is all there. All the fun came back instantly – not just for me, but for Keanu and Alex too. My knees aren’t as good and the body is a little creakier, but the minute we put on the make-up and the robes it was as if The Reaper had been trapped in a bottle for 30 years, and as soon as we pulled the cork off he came flying out and started improvising just like I did back in Bogus Journey.”

Sadler went on to discuss his surprise at the length of time it took for a third Bill & Ted movie to get made, explaining:

“For years, I kept hearing from Alex and one of the co-writers, Ed Solomon. They kept telling me that [a reboot] was coming and letting me know what stage the script was at. It’s been in the pipeline since 2007 and I was really surprised that it took as long as it did for the powers that be to say ‘OK. That sounds like a good idea. Let’s make a third movie to see where these guys are.'”

I really do hope that by August the air is sufficiently virus-free to be able to go movie watching without the fear of unwanted transmissions. That being said, it’s possible the release could get pushed back as a precautionary measure. This summer is not looking like a hot time for new releases, after all (for understandable reasons). If the world has survived this stress test with civil order intact though, we can look forward to Bill & Ted Face the Music in the near future. I also hope that title isn’t prophetic.

Leave a comment if you’re excited/frightened/nervous/content/petrified about, I don’t know, this movie? Or anything else. As you can tell, this writer is coping with the absolute minimum of mental instability. Honest.

Source: NME