‘Black Adam’ gearing up for some last-minute reshoots

black adam

Having first signaled his intentions to play the title role 15 years ago, before sticking with the project through thick and thin, the recent three-month delay to hit Black Adam is hardly going to affect star and producer Dwayne Johnson all that much.

Sure, fans were miffed about almost the entire DCEU slate being pushed back, but at least The Rock will be making his debut as one of the comic book company’s characters this summer as scheduled, albeit through a vocal performance in the animated DC League of Super-Pets.

Principal photography may have ended last summer, but Atlanta Filming offers that the Black Adam crew will be reuniting imminently for a batch of last-minute reshoots.

While additional footage being captured so long after shooting originally wrapped might cause alarm bells to ring in certain quarters, by the standards of a big budget comic book adaptation, reshoots occurring six months before the intended release date is actually a pretty hefty gap, as anyone involved in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will attest.

Trying to find room in Johnson’s schedule is no doubt a regular bone of contention, with the prolific actor, producer, and businessman always juggling countless ventures at any given time, even if Black Adam remains his longest-held passion project.

We haven’t even seen a full-length trailer as of yet, but hopefully that changes in the not too distant future, and it may even come attached to DC League of Super-Pets given the leading man’s reputation as a master of self-promotion.