Black Adam Producer Explains Why Superman Would Be A Tough Battle

by Keane Eacobellis

Ever since Dwayne Johnson’s long-held passion project Black Adam finally escaped the clutches of development hell and made it into production, we’ve been inundated with rumors that Henry Cavill’s Superman is poised to drop by for a cameo to set up an epic superhero showdown in the future.

While we can’t categorically deny that it’ll happen, we won’t know for sure until next summer when Black Adam explodes into theaters, because a surprise of that magnitude would be much better served being kept under wraps. Producer Hiram Garcia has also teased a Wonder Woman crossover, though, which arguably makes more sense given that we know Diana Prince is an active part of the DCEU, something that sadly can’t be said for Cavill’s Kryptonian.

In a new interview with The Wrap, Garcia admitted that both Diana Prince and Clark Kent would be tough adversaries for Johnson’s Teth-Adam given their respective skill sets, even though Johnson seems confident that he’d come out on top.

“I think as established right now in the DC cinematic universe, you look at Wonder Woman and at Superman as two characters that would have a shot, maybe if they work together, because hey…it’s Black Adam, right? Some might look toward Shazam as an option or an equal, but these guys are very different. Shazam’s powers come from Greek gods, whereas Black Adam’s come from Egyptian gods, so there’s some reasoning there to believe that this is partly why Black Adam seems as powerful as he is.

When it comes to Supes we all know there’s two major weaknesses for him. It’s kryptonite and it’s magic. And when you’ve got a character like Black Adam who is made up of magic coupled with his inherent aggression, and you have a character like Superman who historically pulls his punches, that’s going to be a tough matchup for Superman. I think fans would want to see that.”

Black Adam is being designed as the first of many outings in the DCEU for the comic book antihero, so crossovers are almost guaranteed to play a part in the character’s future. As for who he ends up facing off against, we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out.