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Black Mask Reportedly Returning For The Batman Sequels

Warner Brothers will reportedly bring back Black Mask for their planned trilogy of The Batman movies, with the villain set to return in one of the sequels.

Birds of Prey

Warner Brothers and DC’s upcoming Flash film has been promising to continue DC’s trend of cosmic crises. We know that the pic will portray its titular speedster’s habit of getting caught up in canon-altering time travel shenanigans and that several events from previous movies in the franchise will be altered or undone thanks to the actions of Barry Allen.

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Now, what exactly all these alterations will be, we don’t know for sure, but We Got This Covered has recently heard from our sources – the same ones who told us a Justice League Dark show is coming to HBO Max and that Viola Davis was returning for The Suicide Squad – that one of the retcons currently planned for the DCEU will be the death of iconic Batman villain Black Mask, whose cinematic debut and demise both occurred in this year’s Birds of Prey.

As fans will know, Black Mask (real name Roman Sionis) has been depicted as one of Gotham’s most ruthless crime lords since his 1985 debut in Batman #386. Of course, Ewan McGregor portrayed the character in Birds of Prey, where he ordered a hit on the family of deuteragonist Helena Bertinelli and placed another bounty on the head of Cassandra Cain.

Warner Brothers. reportedly liked the reception that the villain received so much that they’re now using The Flash and specifically, its adaptation of the “Flashpoint” arc to reverse his death and bring him back in one of the planned sequels to The Batman, although whether Black Mask’s reappearance will be in the second or third film is unclear as of yet. Still, for those who enjoyed the baddie and want to see more of him – which is pretty much everyone – this can only come as good news.