#BlackoutStarWarsEclipse trends again as fans demand Lucasfilm cut ties with Quantic Dream

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Star Wars fans didn’t forget, and they won’t let Lucasfilm either. So #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse is trending again in an attempt to pressure Lucasfilm Games into dropping controversial developer David Cage’s studio Quantic Dream. 

The French studio previously sued journalists for reporting on its toxic workplace culture in court.

Quantic Dream announced its rumored High Republic-era Star Wars video game at December’s Game Awards, titled Star Wars Eclipse. The backlash was instant — and has sustained.

Pink Milk, a queer star wars podcast at the center of the hashtag movement, said in a tweet, “We’re now in a new year, but old attitudes are still alive. LFL has yet to speak to the thousands of people upset w/ their decision to work w/ Quantic Dream on Star Wars Eclipse. “

As Inverse reported, the podcast co-hosts came up with the hashtag shortly after the announcement and have pushed to see it trend multiple times since.

Hundreds of other fans, from enthusiasts to vloggers to podcasters, are speaking out again today about why they find the move important. 

“Nothing would please me more than #StarWarsTheHighRepublic game, but not if you’re willing to work with David Cage,” reads one Tweet.

Another fan shared they’re “Really not interested in a game developed by such a toxic studio.”

While Quantic Dreams won its libel suit against journalists in the French court, it was unable to disprove misconduct allegations about its toxic workplace culture. The trial also exposed much more of the studio and auteur’s toxicity (and miscellaneous creepiness)  to the public, as Fanbyte reported. 

As one fan puts it: “Quantic Dream’s involvement in this project is an affront to the people who have supported The High Republic projects.”

Another shared how the combination of setting and developer could not be more off: “We love the High Republic for how inclusive it is,” they said, “and the first game of the era should reflect that, right down to the people telling the story.”

Fans are still excited by the prospect of a High Republic-era game, as they’ve made clear: “Love a good Star Wars game, and I’ll be happy to pick this one up once development is renewed by a studio without a track record of abuse and gross discrimination.”

Star Wars Eclipse does not have a release date at this time — and it’s increasingly likely we won’t hear about one anytime soon.