Bottoms Up: 11 Iconic Cinematic Male Boozehounds


For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started expressing my current beer obsession in the form of written word over at The Mason Jar – a drinking blog that’s a companion site to the current iPhone app titled “Sindig – Drink Explorer’s Club.” It’s kind of like Instagram for enthusiastic drink connoisseurs (download the app and follow me!). So why do I mention this, besides the shameless self-promotion? Simple, because alcohol is everywhere, especially in cinema, so why not do some cinematic drink exploring as well?

There are so many memorable on-screen drinkers one can choose from, so I refrain from saying this list is the 10 BEST Iconic Male Boozehounds (because follow-up articles of this nature are definitely on the horizon), but these are the first wave of favorites to pop into my head. Don’t think these characters earned their status because they could chug with the best of ’em – some characters became drinking icons simply by sipping martinis or competing in drinking competitions. No, this is a list about how the alcohol changed a character’s perspective, personality, or a movie’s tone, because certain beverages tell a different tale.

Come crack open a cold one or pour yourself a stiff cocktail, because we’ve got some drink-swillers to discuss.