5 Things Brad Pitt Has Adopted That Have Made His Masculinity Incredibly Intimidating

Sometimes it seems as though the gods created Brad Pitt specifically as a check to keep self-conscious guys from becoming overconfident in themselves. This isn’t a bad thing. Dudes could stand to be taken down a peg from time to time. Everyone laments, and rightly so, the fact that women are constantly being compared to utterly impossible ideals, and that’s unlikely to stop any time soon. To even things out, maybe it’s just that we need more images in our culture that present men in ways that make us dudes feel like we can never measure up. That may present a host of other problems, but at least there’d be a more level playing field. This path toward equality is aided by movies like Magic Mike and stars like Brad Pitt. Maybe.

Pitt has held the status of “too sexy” for over 20 years. He was first caught by the female gaze in 1991’s Thelma and Louise. He’s been around a long time. The guy turns 50 this year. And it’s not that his age hasn’t begun to show, but he’s grown into it in a fascinating and frustratingly attractive way. He’s not this hunky kid anymore (mercifully); he is, however, now this man who puts us all to shame. I mean what are we doing, guys, really. This is a guy who has transitioned from heartthrob to cool dad completely seamlessly, and even when he’s being ridiculous he’s kind of being awesome. People talk about their Nick Offermans and their Jon Hamms when it comes to overwhelming masculinity, and rightly so. There’s something to be said though about the longevity and the adaptability of Brad Pitt’s manliness.

Here are 5 qualities Brad Pitt has developed over time and adopted to further establish his manhood. And I’m not even talking about the children he’s adopted. Although I could. Dude balances work and family like it’s nothing.

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