8 Key Takeaways From The Terminator: Genisys Trailer


Thirty years after James Cameron unleashed his low budget, gritty sci-fi actioner The Terminator, fans of the franchise have been clamouring for a glimpse at the next sequel. Shrouded in mystery after Paramount chose to keep Terminator: Genisys out of Comic-Con, a handful of images and plot details slowly emerged over the following six months. Now, the studio has finally dropped the first full-length trailer for the Alan Taylor-directed sequel.

In light of this footage, which invites fans in for a glimpse at the brand new Terminator trilogy, anticipation for its release has gone off the charts. As huge fans of the franchise, we’ve taken to the trailer with a state-of-the-art plasma cannon to dissect and discuss the major talking points. 

Read on for our breakdown in which we’ll be running through the preview, discussing the action and of course, pointing out any easter eggs dotted throughout the two-and-a-half minute teaser.