8 Key Takeaways From The Terminator: Genisys Trailer

1) New Terminators And Old Favourites


Opening on a future Los Angeles, ravaged by the war with the machines, the trailer cuts to a scarred John Connor (Jason Clarke) addressing his resistance soldiers (including Jai Courtney’s Kyle Reese) with a moving speech. “If we die tonight, mankind dies with us,” he intones at the end of the scene – which is interspersed with a ton of new glimpses at the Terminators.

In the first few seconds, a trio of airborne Hunter-Killers descend across the fiery ruins of Hollywood. It’s hard to distinguish the specific series, but as this latest instalment is a skewered timeline, they could be modified versions of previously-existing ‘bots.

The coolest double whammy comes moments later when a Non-Humanoid Hunter-Killer slams down in front of a cowering Connor and Reese, leading to the first solid hold on an endoskeleton Terminator brandishing a weapon. It looks like it could be an updated version of the T-800 – the Arnie model – without the flesh covering. As the 600-900 series of humanoid infiltration units (the Terminators encased with living tissue over a metal skeleton) all look alike, it’s hard to tell exactly.

And we’ve not even discussed the two biggest returning cyborgs.