Brie Larson Shares Touching Tribute To Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman

Brie Larson and Chadwick Boseman‘s paths towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe had more than a few similarities. Both were recognizable but not yet world-famous actors who had built up a solid collection of critically-acclaimed performances across a variety of genres before eventually boarding the biggest and most popular franchise in the industry.

Although Boseman joined the MCU almost two years before Larson did, the Academy Award-winning actress was officially announced as Carol Danvers just eight weeks after T’Challa had made his live-action debut in Captain America: Civil War, with their solo movies arriving thirteen months apart in 2018 and 2019. Black Panther and Captain Marvel were major firsts for the MCU, featuring the first black and female lead characters, respectively, and both would go on to earn over a billion dollars each at the box office and mark the first steps towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe placing a greater focus on diversity and representation than ever before.

Even their sequels were scheduled to arrive in close proximity in 2022, but all plans will surely be put on hold following the tragic passing of Boseman last night at the age of just 43 following a private battle with colon cancer. Tributes have been flooding in from all corners of the globe, and Larson has now posted a touching memoriam to her Avengers: Endgame co-star, which you can see below.

Chadwick Boseman might have been one of the MCU’s newer faces, but the hero he so wonderfully brought to life was still positioned to be at the forefront of the franchise’s future as one of its marquee characters. Sadly, one of the fastest-rising talents of his generation has been taken far too soon, but his legacy will always live on as the leading man and figurehead of Black Panther, which ended up becoming so much more than just another superhero movie.