7 Moments We Want To See In Captain America: Civil War, But Probably Won’t


By setting its story around one of the biggest Marvel Comics events of all-time, Captain America: Civil War is certainly building up its fair share of excitement before its 2016 release. The knowledge that it will once again group so many of the heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is intriguing enough, but the addition of a brand new Spider-Man and a tense, earth-shattering conflict between heroes means that this is one comic adaptation not to miss.

With filming now reportedly complete for the movie and fans waiting for their first official glimpse of their favourite heroes in action, it’s time to start thinking about just how much of the huge, all-encompassing Civil War storyline we can expect to see on the big screen.


Many of the main plot points have been all but confirmed, but the comic story was vast and took place in a much more heavily populated heroic universe. As a result, there’ll also be a great deal of content that viewers are unlikely to get to see in this big-screen adaptation.

We took a look back through the pages of Marvel’s Civil War event to consider some of the most important elements that we’re not likely to witness when Captain America: Civil War arrives in 2016. From that, we’ve put together a list of seven moments that will (probably) be unfortunately missing from the conflict on the big screen. While it’s true that the film can function without most, there’ll surely be a few here that you’ll miss!

WARNING: Many spoilers from the Civil War comic story follow, so proceed at your own peril if you’ve never read it…