New Photo Suggests Cap Will Don His Classic Comic Costume In Avengers 4


Chris Evans’ Captain America has consistently changed his look over the past seven years of the MCU. Versions like his stage costume from The First Avenger or the bright blue one from The Avengers have paid homage to the color scheme and the little head-wings of the comic book version, but what we haven’t seen so far on the big screen is the distinctive scale armor that Rogers has traditionally worn on the page for nearly 80 years.

One eagle-eyed fan has now spotted an intriguing nod to the comic book costume in Infinity War though, which could possibly be hinting at it finally making a proper appearance in next May’s Avengers 4As you can see in the screenshot below, as supplied by @Charts798, Steve’s washed-out suit has been ripped to reveal the scale-mail armor underneath.

Could this mean we’ll be seeing Cap’s classic look in Avengers 4? Well, quite honestly, yes, it probably does. Leaked concept art has previously revealed a number of costume changes for the remaining heroes, including Steve in a revamped suit made from what looks to be the scale armor. Seeing as this is being touted as the grand finale to the MCU as we know it, it makes sense for the franchise to tick off something fans have been asking for for a while before the story wraps up.

It does make us wonder, though, if the reason they’re doing this now is because this will be the last time Chris Evans is playing Captain America. Fans have long theorized that either Iron Man or Cap will perish in Avengers 4, as the death of a major Marvel hero would really mark it out as the end of an era. Plus, Sebastian Stan’s been rumored to be taking over the shield for years.

Chalk this all up as speculation for now, though, and Cap fans needn’t get too worried just yet. In any case, you’ve got about eight months to mentally prepare yourself for the emotional rollercoaster that’s to come in Avengers 4

Source: Reddit