Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Wants To Lead The All-Female Avengers Team


With the exception of Captain Marvel and the Black Widow movie that’s still toiling away in the early stages of development, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely short on female-led films. But that’s all going to change pretty damn soon.

In recent months, the likes of Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok), Scarlett Johannson (Black Widow) and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler have all expressed interest in making a Marvel spinoff built around the studio’s leading ladies. And though nothing official has materialized on that front just yet, the idea is quickly gaining traction.

Who exactly would be involved remains up for debate, but one person who’d love to not only be on board but also take the lead is Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. Speaking to, she told the outlet that she’d definitely be into heading up the all-female team.

“Duh!” the actress says. “I mean, I feel like they have to elect me. We’ve been talking about this, about what our democratic system would be, as to who gets to be the leader — or if there even is one. Maybe we can all co-exist happily, we don’t need to have a specific leader. But if they nominated me for that, of course I’m in.”

Again, Marvel hasn’t announced anything in regards to an all-female Avengers movie just yet, but after Wonder Woman showed everyone that female-led comic book movies can do big business, we imagine it’s only a matter of time before we hear something more concrete about this. After all, it’s not like the studio’s short on characters to bring to the big screen should they want to introduce more women into the MCU.

From Lady Thor to Spider-Woman, and Mr. Marvel to She-Hulk, there are a ton of options for the House of Ideas to dive into and whether it be just more female-led films like Captain Marvel or an actual all-female team-up movie, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be all about the ladies.