Marvel Artist Gives His Thoughts On Captain Marvel’s Costume Changes


It’s going on six weeks since we got our first, unofficial look at Brie Larson suited and booted as Captain Marvel, though it’s fair to say that the set photos were tinged with controversy.

And that’s not to say that Larson’s suit wasn’t up to snuff – far from it, in fact, as the actress looked a natural fit as the “sassy, smartass” Carol Danvers – simply that fans had come to expect a much more familiar red-and-gold ensemble; as opposed to the famous green and white uniform of the Kree. But in the eyes of Andy Park, online commentators shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Chatting to, the renown concept artist and all-around Marvel expert offered his own two cents about Captain Marvel‘s design tweaks, and why that so-called ‘controversy’ ought to be regarded as little more than a storm in a teacup.

I think it’s always funny seeing people’s reactions. People are so ready to jump on and to react and make decisions so quickly. I would just say I would hope that they would just know from the past that judging too quickly is … How do I word this? They’re going to be happy. I think they’re going to be happy.

Park went on to remind readers that Kevin Feige and Co. had long made it clear that Brie Larson’s MCU heroine would don one or two costumes before arriving at the Captain Marvel guise we know and love.

I mean, Kevin Feige said it in an interview. We revealed the concept art that I did, myself and other artists did, of Captain Marvel at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, so I mean, I think that alone should hopefully alleviate some of those fears that people have.

And we couldn’t agree more. As things stand, Captain Marvel won’t take flight until March 8th of 2019 – you know, assuming she doesn’t make a surprise appearance in this year’s Avengers: Infinity War, which will now be with us on April 27th.

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