Captain Marvel Director Says It’s A Feminist Movie And A Humanist Movie


In the weeks leading up to the release of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers’ solo debut has drawn its share of advanced praise and backlash for what many are regarding to be a feminist angle in the first female-led movie of the MCU. Sure enough, in a recent sound bite interview, co-director Anna Boden said that the upcoming film is indeed a feminist movie, albeit a humanist one as well.

Sitting alongside her co-director and regular collaborator Ryan Fleck, the filmmaker explained that they were drawn to the project in part by the female heroine at the forefront, who’s not just powerful, but complex and human:

“I mean one the things that drew us to the character for sure was the fact that she was a really powerful, really interesting, really unique and independent female character. And we are so excited to be telling this story about somebody who’s not just powerful, but also really complicated and really interesting and really human. It’s not just a feminist movie, it’s also a humanist movie.”

Boden went on to praise Brie Larson for the strength and depth she brings to the MCU’s most powerful hero, saying:

“Brie Larson in this role is so important because she is such a strong, such a dynamic and complex person and woman, and she brings so much of that to the role.”

No doubt the same corners of the internet responsible for the ongoing backlash towards Captain Marvel will use Boden’s comments as further fuel for their indignation, but regardless, it’s clear that the movie is headed for cinemas next week with a lot of positive buzz behind it. Fandango, for instance, reported more than two weeks in advance of the film’s release that it had already surpassed the presales of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, while Variety recently had the pic tracking for an impressive $100 million-plus domestic opening.

What’s more, with the social media embargo lifting last week, Twitter has flooded with glowing responses from early viewers, and you can expect this positive reception to continue once the review embargo lifts this coming Tuesday. The real test, however, comes when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th.