The Characters Of Suicide Squad Ranked From Worst To Best


When Suicide Squad was released earlier this month, the response was mixed to say the least. However, while critics tore apart the David Ayer-helmed big screen debut of Task Force X, moviegoers have been a tad more positive, and that was arguably reflected by the fact that it recently passed the $600 million mark at the worldwide box office. Regardless of its critical and commercial success (or lack thereof), there’s no denying that there’s a lot which both does and does not work in the movie.


The characters in particular are very hit and miss, with some standing out as being excellent new additions to the DC Films Universe and others who it would be better to never see grace the big screen again. All in all, there are ten leads in Suicide Squad, and what you’ll find here is a ranking of each of them from worst to best along with a look at their future potential.