The Characters Of Suicide Squad Ranked From Worst To Best

10) Enchantress


To call Enchantress one of the worst comic book movie villains to ever grace the big screen would be an understatement. Her ill defined plan essentially boiled down to opening a portal in the sky for humans to worship while simultaneously wanting to have them bow down to her and wipe them out. The less said about her CGI brother, the better, but Enchantress herself was bad enough as we saw Cara Delevingne weirdly gyrate across the screen and speak with a bizarrely amplified English accent.

While there’s no denying that she looked good from a visual perspective (at least until she was transformed by Incubus), Enchantress ended up bringing very little to Suicide Squad despite being a mystery going into the movie. She ended up being a major letdown who made some baffling decisions along the way – which just makes her more frustrating than anything else.