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Charlie Cox As Good As Confirmed To Return As Daredevil In MCU Movies

According to sources close to WGTC, Charlie Cox is now as good as confirmed to be returning as Daredevil in future MCU movies.


UPDATE: Trusted industry insider Daniel RPK has now backed up our report with a recent Tweet.

ORIGINAL STORY: It’s now been roughly a year since Daredevil season 3 premiered, bringing the Netflix show to a premature close, but fans haven’t stopped campaigning for Charlie Cox’s Man Without Fear to return to the MCU at some point. Of course, Marvel isn’t allowed to do anything with any of the Defenders for at least a few more years – due to contractual obligations – but recent reports have pointed to Kevin Feige and co. having every intention of resurrecting at least some of them as soon as they can.

If you’ll recall, a few weeks ago we told you that Cox was likely to return as Matt Murdock in future MCU movies, which was seemingly confirmed by MCU Cosmic shortly after. And now, we’ve received another update on the situation, with our sources – the same ones who told us a Nova movie is in active development and that General Ross will return in She-Hulk, both of which have been corroborated by numerous other outlets since – saying that the actor is “as good as confirmed to return” as Daredevil.

What does that mean? Well, as our sources have explained, nothing is really ever 100% confirmed until Marvel Studios makes it official with an announcement, but we’re told that Feige really wants Cox in the MCU and he’s fully expected to make a return at some point. Possibly even in Spider-Man 3 as Peter’s lawyer.

Of course, we’ve also been told Marvel hopes to have Jon Bernthal’s Punisher back on screens, too. And while we’re still waiting on updates for Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, it seems likely that the studio will be bringing the rest of the gang into the MCU as well. Except for Danny Rand, that is.

We’ve heard that the protector of K’un-Lun may be rebooted in a Shang-Chi sequel, given the disappointing reception to Finn Jones’ take on the character. That remains to be confirmed, but at the very least, it sounds like we’ll be getting more of Bernthal’s Frank Castle and Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, and that can only be a good thing.

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