Charlie Hunnam Says He’s 100% Open To Being The Next James Bond

James Bond

We haven’t even seen Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007 in No Time To Die yet, but regardless, all anyone wants to talk about is who’s going to be taking over from him as James Bond. So many names have been thrown into the hat as the race has heated up in recent months. Essentially, any English actor in their 30s or 40s has been suggested as a good fit for the iconic role and that includes Sons of Anarchy and King Arthur star Charlie Hunnam.

The actor has now addressed the chatter linking him to Bond in a new interview with People while promoting his latest movie, Jungleland. Just as you’d expect, he revealed that he would “100%” be down to play the part of the super secret agent, though he doubts that he’s going to be the top choice to succeed Craig.

“I would be so flattered and honored to be considered to play James Bond as an Englishman,” said Hunnam. “But my intuition tells me that I shouldn’t be waiting for that phone call to come. I think there are many people ahead of me on that list.”

Hunnam went on to add that he thinks the talk doesn’t go any further than “fan dialogue” and, though he finds that “flattering,” he’s yet to be approached by anyone who’s actually in a position of power to cast him.

“It’s very flattering sort of fan dialogue,” he continued. “Nobody’s ever, on a professional level from within the industry, brought that up to me.”

But the star concluded by encouraging his fans to keep on hyping him up as the next James Bond, just in case it catches the attention of the right people and leads to something.

“As much as people want to talk about me playing James Bond, please continue,” Hunnam said. “Maybe that’s the genesis of these things. Maybe fan chatter leads to industry people actually talking about it in a more serious way.”

Other actors who’ve been heavily discussed in relation to who could be Bond no. 7 include Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Henry Golding, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston… and the list goes on and on. One report did claim a couple of months ago that Hardy had been secretly cast behind the scenes and an official announcement was imminent, but we’ve yet to hear any follow-up on that. Others, meanwhile, believe that producers will find a relatively unknown star for the part, much like how Daniel Craig wasn’t a household name when he was hired all those years ago.

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