Watch: Charlie Hunnam Replaces Hugh Jackman In New Wolverine Fan Trailer


One of the biggest challenges Marvel faces in rebooting the X-Men for the MCU is finding a new Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is simply one of the most iconic pieces of comic book movie casting of all time, so it’ll be impossible to replace him. However, Logan is also one of the biggest assets that the studio’s received from Fox and there’s no way they’d ignore the character. So, there’ll no doubt be an intense casting process to find the right guy to take on the role next.

Various actors have been suggested for the part over the past few years, from Daniel Radcliffe to Keanu Reeves to Taron Egerton. This fan new trailer, though, has gone with Charlie Hunnam as a potential choice for the Adamantium anti-hero. YouTuber Billy Crammer has mocked up an MCU retelling of Wolverine’s origins story, featuring Logan’s Weapon X transformation and lost memories. This time, however, he’s recruited by Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury instead of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.

The King Arthur star being a contender for the next Wolverine is a good shout, to be sure. When it comes to superhero fan casts for Hunnam, DC supporters see him as the perfect choice to play the DCEU’s Green Arrow, which is something that Hunnam has himself discussed doing in the past. But Warner Bros. doesn’t appear to be doing anything with the Emerald Archer anytime soon, so Marvel would be free to poach him for Logan if they wanted to.

Obviously, everyone’s top choice would be to simply get Hugh Jackman back in the saddle. The Australian actor has been asked many times if he’d return, but he always says that he thinks 2017’s Logan was the right time to retract his metal claws for good. You can’t blame the guy, as he did play the character for nearly 20 years, but it just means Marvel’s going to have a tough time convincing audiences to embrace a new Wolverine.

Source: YouTube