Check Out An Exclusive Clip From Twisted Duch Thriller Borgman


As our very own Matt Donato can attestBorgman is a supremely eerie and engrossing psychological horror flick, heightened by director Alex Van Warmerdam’s unflinching direction and some fine performances. And though the film might not be playing near you quite yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get an extended look at Borgman right now.

Today, we have an exclusive clip from the movie to share with you, one that quickly establishes the film’s striking appearance and horrifically sinister tone. Be warned, the clip, titled “Scalpel,” is deeply unnerving and, while not overtly graphic, it certainly sent a chill down my spine. Check it out below:

How creepy was that? Despite being served in a Tasmanian Devil mug, nothing seems right about mysterious men taking children underground and serving them some type of drink while medical equipment is being laid out – and those are just associates of Borgman. Even when its title character isn’t on-screen, Borgman is full of frightening moments that slowly build an unshakable sense of uncertainty. You can check out another clip from the film here, or look at the full trailer here.

The main story of Borgman centers on a vagrant (played by Jan Bijvoet) who meddles in the lives of an upper-class family, first infiltrating their beautiful home and then sowing seeds of destruction throughout it. Jeroen Perceval and Hadewych Minis co-star. In his review of the film, our critic Matt Donato stated:

“Borgman is an abstract experiment that fits my personal definition of horror, but some might argue that commanding tones of dark humor and dramatic unfolding overtake what little “horror” visually exists. Personally, I believe Van Warmerdam’s story was forged in the very bowels of hell, warning of demons hiding in plain sight.”

That’s high praise, and especially after looking at the above clip, something makes me think that horror buffs won’t want to pass up this twisted little thriller.

Borgman opened in New York City last Friday, June 6th and expands to Austin (Alamo Drafthouse – Village), Philadelphia (Landmark Ritz at The Bourse) and Seattle (SIFF) on June 13th.