Child’s Play Reboot Sequel Reportedly Moving Forward


Last summer, Chucky returned to theaters in a completely different form for the Child’s Play reboot. Instead of a serial killer possessing a toy, the new version depicted him as a doll with defective artificial intelligence that went on a killing spree. It was warmly received, but only had a limited impact at the box office due to coming out the same weekend as Disney’s Toy Story 4. Fans have wondered whether a sequel is on the way from Orion, then, with no official news occurring since its release.

We Got This Covered has now heard, though, that a follow-up to the reboot is in the works. Our sources – the same ones that previously told us a Scream reboot was in development and that National Treasure 3 is happening at Disney, both of which have since been confirmed – have informed us that Child’s Play 2 is definitely moving forward at the studio. Plot details are still scarce, of course, but we’re told a follow-up is for sure happening and given that these sources also said that Han would return for Fast & Furious 9 months ago, we’ve no reason to doubt them.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard any casting details at present, but presumably, the four leads of the last movie will all be coming back. Mark Hamill memorably took over from Brad Dourif as Chucky, with the film’s final scene teasing that the doll had transferred his mind into a different toy and survived his destruction. As for the human characters, Aubrey Plaza’s Karen Barclay and her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) managed to make it out alive, as did Brian Tyree Henry’s cop Mike Norris.

Director Lars Klevberg helmed the picture, with the filmmaker stating in various interviews that he’d like to come back for more, so presumably he’d be on board to direct the sequel. In any case, we’ll bring you more news on the project as and when it comes in. For now, though, tell us, would you be interested in seeing more of the rebooted Child’s Play franchise? Let us know in the comments section down below.