Child’s Play Sequel Reportedly Now In Active Development

Child's Play

As we’ve seen countless times over the years, you can’t keep a recognizable horror franchise down for too long, unless of course the rights are caught up in legal red tape, which is why we haven’t seen Jason Voorhees for over a decade at this point.

While Halloween may have reignited interest in a property that had been running on fumes for a while, the reaction to the return of another 1980s horror icon was a lot more muted. The Child’s Play remake did manage to turn a profit due to the low $10 million budget, but a worldwide box office haul of $44 million wasn’t exactly anything to write home about. The movie scored decent enough reviews, though, with Mark Hamill drawing widespread praise for yet another impeccable voice performance as murderous doll Chucky, but any talk of a sequel was always going to be dependent on commercial success.

It seems that $44 million was enough, though, as we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Ben Affleck would be back as Batman in The Flash and that a new Scream movie was in the works, both of which were correct – that a Child’s Play sequel is currently in active development. There’s no word yet on any returning cast or crew members, but the studio remain keen to move forward on further installments despite the middling reception to the remake.

Last year’s version of Child’s Play might have scored the best reviews since the 1988 original, but even with 30 years of ticket price inflation, it still only made less than a million dollars more at the box office. As such, the jury is out on whether audiences will have much interest in another adventure. But whether they want it or not, it seems they’ll be getting one.