Chilling Motion Poster For Underworld: Blood Wars Revives A Hero

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter isn’t the only action-horror series primed for a triumphant return next month – thanks to the return of Selene and the gang, that’s a title it shares with Underworld: Blood Wars, the über-stylish sequel headed up by franchise first-timer Anna Foerster.

Marking her fifth appearance in the starring role, Blood Wars heralds the return of Kate Beckinsale’s gun-toting vampire warrior, who is placed front and center in the film’s chilling new motion poster. Unveiled via Twitter, you can feast your eyes on the dynamic action shot below, which goes some ways to explaining how and indeed why Underworld: Blood Wars will be introducing fans of the series – and indeed newcomers – to a different Selene altogether.

Per Twitter:

Set soon after the fallout from Underworld: Awakening, new threats have emerged in the form of Semira (Lara Pulver) and Marius (Tobias Menzies), a pair of Lycans that place their crosshairs on Selene and, more specifically, the blood of her estranged daughter, Eve.

When asked about how she plans to carve out a new chapter for Selene and Co., Foerster teased that, “with Underworld you have rules that are very specific to the franchise, but you can veer off from that. What I bring to this movie is a defined visual concept and some cool surprises. I think fans will see a new side to Selene.”

Underworld: Blood Wars will claw its way into theaters on January 6, 2017. The big question now is, will the Foerster-directed actioner breathe new life into the cult horror series? Or will Blood Wars be the franchise’s last gasp? All eyes will be on the box office figures, one way or another.