Chloe Moretz Reveals Hopes For Kick-Ass 2 And Hints At Dark Shadows

With the moderate box office success and critical response of last spring’s superhero-action film Kick-Ass, break-out star Chloe Moretz has said she thinks a sequel is likely to happen. However, she thinks the follow-up won’t film for a couple of years, until she’s a little older.

I’d like to do it in the next year or two because I think that’s a really good time age-wise. You can show Hit Girl in a different light…I think it would be fun to show her as this twisted young adult, this 16-17-year-old Catwoman-y almost, twisted and dark person.

Latino Review is reporting that Moretz is also excited to play Carolyn Stoddard in Tim Burton‘s upcoming anticipated film adaptation of the popular television series Dark Shadows. The actress said Carolyn is a crazy, fun teenage hippie who likes free love.

Moretz has also described Dark Shadows as a mix of several of Burton’s earlier hits:

I have to say it’s a mix of Beetlejuice…the scariness of Sweeny (Todd) but the fun of Sleepy Hollow…It straddles that fine line of camp and drama so it’s like a drama horromedy thriller.

Burton definitely seems like the right choice to bring the hit series to the big screen, with his love of dark and twisted characters and subjects.

Catch Moretz in Dark Shadows when it hits theaters on May 11, 2012.