Chris Evans And Anthony Mackie’s Captain Americas Rumored To Face Off In Secret Wars

Captain America

You could make a well-founded and entirely reasonable argument that the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t really need to build towards Avengers-level events anymore, looking at nothing but the volume of content coming to theaters and Disney Plus throughout the duration of Phase Four.

There are new heroes aplenty heading to both the big and small screens, multiversal escapades, new installments for old favorites and no shortage of crossovers to come. In addition, the Infinity Saga was very much its own thing, one that was always designed to culminate in the epic Avengers: Endgame, one of the biggest movies in history in terms of scope, scale, budget and box office performance.

However, Secret Wars has always been something that’s been bubbling away on the speculative stovetop, and it’s also the only project that could convince Joe and Anthony Russo to return to Marvel Studios. Loki teased a multiversal war that wrought huge damage on the Sacred Timeline, while Episode 4 had fans speculating that Battleworld and the Beyonder were imminent for a hot minute, but tipster Mikey Sutton claims its still the direction things are planning to head.

Not only that, but Sutton offers that Anthony Mackie’s canonical Captain America could end up facing off against Chris Evans’ Hydra-sponsored version in Secret Wars, which is again something we’ve heard more than once in the past. Variants and multiverses are now in play, so the trail of breadcrumbs has already started being laid out, but it won’t be until much deeper into Phase Four when we find out for sure if there is a major event on the way, and if Secret Wars is finally getting the nod to be brought into live-action; it would make Endgame look like a pillowfight by comparison.