Chris Pratt Explains Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorsed The Tomorrow War

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt may be an A-list movie star with a number of billion-dollar box office smash hits under his belt and lead roles in both the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises, but despite all of his success, he’ll never even get the chance to be called the greatest action hero in his own family.

Of course, that’s to be expected when his father-in-law is Arnold Schwarzenegger, arguably the genre’s single most iconic presence who defined an entire era of pyrotechnic spectaculars where all anybody needed to save the day was a set of bulging biceps and a wry one-liner or 20. Pratt is about to add another multi-film series to his plate, after Amazon’s recent sci-fi blockbuster The Tomorrow War pulled in massive viewership numbers and saw a sequel enter development less than a week after it premiered.

While there’s no guarantees that he and Schwarzenegger will ever team up on the big screen, it’s definitely something that would sent fans of the action genre the world over into a state of meltdown. In a recent interview, Pratt revealed that the former Governor of California had given the film his seal of approval, and explained why his wife’s dad was so invested in The Tomorrow War.

He always surprises me, it shouldn’t surprise me any longer, but he’s always surprising me with just how astute he is in regards to, really, everything in life. He watched the trailer and he said, ‘I’ll tell you why that’s extraordinary’. He said, ‘I think it’s fantastic because you really get a sense of the relationship right away between the father and the daughter, the father and the wife and what it would mean for a real father’. He’s like, ’That’s something that as a father you feel and you can see people faking it. I think you really sold that well, that’s the key to the movie. It’s not whether or not the aliens are great, it’s whether or not that relationship is believable’. He was right about that. I appreciate that, so, we got his endorsement.”

The Tomorrow War was certainly a solid actioner if not a particularly spectacular one, but there’s a mythology in place that lends itself to further exploration given the time travel element. Schwarzenegger knows a thing or to about that as well having headlined five of the six Terminator movies, so he can perhaps lend a few pointers about continuing a sci-fi saga to his son-in-law should he ask for any advice.