Chris Pratt Shoutouts From Far-Right Figureheads Sparks Debate Among Marvel Fans


Not everyone is a fan of every major actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but few seem to spark as much controversy as Chris Pratt. He has reportedly expressed concerns he might be canceled previously and has faced a lot of fan backlash for everything from his social media posts to not supporting a political fundraiser. But now, with two far-right figureheads giving him support on Twitter, fans are up in arms once again.

Both Brigitte Gabriel and Brandon Morse tweeted out support for the actor recently. Gabriel is an anti-Islam activist and founder of ACT! For America, and Morse is the deputy managing editor for conservative news site Red State. While Gabriel simply listed him as a “better” conservative Hollywood actor, Morse went much further.

“Chris Pratt’s the nicest guy in Hollywood yet the mere mention of his name sends people into tantrums. Yeah, he might have different beliefs than you. Stop trying to send him to the blacklist gulag. Calm down, little Stalins.”

Brandon Morse on Twitter

These comments, alongside a debate on which character might die in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, resulted in Chris Pratt trending on Twitter with some fans coming after the actor:

Others offered comedic support.

It looks like no matter people’s feelings for Chris Pratt, the debate on whether he should continue to represent the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have a place in Hollywood will continue far off into the future.