Marvel Fans Are Debating Who Might Die In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is finally on the horizon now that James Gunn is at last starting work on the much-anticipated threequel, so it’s time for fans to get theorizing about it again. One of the biggest question marks hanging over the film is how it’s going to wrap up the journey of the Guardians for good – which is something we’ve known for a while but Dave Bautista recently reminded us about.

One way it’s going to do that is by killing one of the team off. Way back in April 2020, Gunn confirmed that someone will die in the movie. This fact recently went viral on social media again when it was reshared by Twitter account @DexertoMarvel, which led to a whole discussion over which character is the most likely to perish before the credits roll.

The Guardians franchise is no stranger to killing off characters – the first film saw Adult Groot sacrifice himself (Baby Groot is technically an offspring, not a reincarnation) and the second had Yondu do the same. But who’s next? Well, many fans believe it’s going to be Drax.

Bautista has been open about the fact that Guardians 3 will be his final time playing Drax, so it just adds up that his character will die, right?

Another compelling theory concerns the colors of each movie’s title card. Arguably, the first and second’s color schemes reflect Groot and Yondu. Vol. 3‘s is grey, so maybe that indicates Drax is doomed.

The other most common suggestion is Rocket, however. Some believe the Vol 3 title card’s color also reflects the wisecracking racoon.

Some speculate that it must be Rocket because his would be the most hard-hitting death.

Not that folks want it to happen. A lot of fans will not be happy if Gunn actually does go and kill off Rocket.

We’re ready… unless it’s Rocket or Nebula.

Gunn has revealed that he’s currently in the storyboarding stages for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, though the casting process has also begun. We’ve still got some time to wait for it, though, as the threequel isn’t due in cinemas until May 2023.