Chris Pratt Wants You To Watch His New Movie With Your Phone Off

The Tomorrow War

The very nature of streaming has tended to give even the biggest and costliest exclusive movies an ephemeral quality, where weeks dominating the box office around the world has been replaced by a few days grabbing headlines and generating buzz, before the next splashy effort comes along to become everyone’s latest obsession, but Chris Pratt is hoping that fate doesn’t befall The Tomorrow War.

An expansive and very expensive time traveling sci-fi blockbuster with an A-list star in the lead role, the live-action feature debut of The LEGO Batman Movie’s Chris McKay was always intended to play on the big screen. In fact, The Tomorrow War was even handed a prime holiday season release date of December 25th last year, before the Coronavirus pandemic came along.

After being pulled from the calendar, Amazon eventually stepped in to acquire yet another high profile title from Paramount, adding the film to a slate that also saw them pick up Michael B. Jordan’s Without Remorse and Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America. The problem with a lot of projects that stream is viewers often finding themselves distracted by their phones, something Pratt urges people not to do when they check out The Tomorrow War.

“Sit down, commit to watching all the way through. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. Turn up the volume as loud as you can, watch on the biggest screen you can, and really just allow yourself to be immersed in the story because that’s the intention. That was always the intention. I say this respectfully to all the streamers out there, a lot of the content on streaming sucks. I went through the pandemic, everyone wore out their Apple TVs and whatever TVs, and every streaming service and all this stuff, and a lot of it is not good.

But we watch it because you can watch it and flip through your phone as you’re multitasking as you’re waiting out this pandemic. This is actually really good! This is a really good movie that was intended for the cinema. So watch it at home, but pretend you’re at the movie theater. Turn your phone off and sit back and enjoy, because it’s freaking awesome.”

We Got This Covered has already seen the movie, and we can confirm that The Tomorrow War is definitely worth paying attention to, although some of the more explosive moments would definitely be much better served by a theatrical release. And while one of the byproducts of the technology-driven era we live in is that attention spans have become shorter as a result, Chris Pratt remains confident that Amazon subscribers will dedicate two hours of their time to his latest action-packed outing.